WEF Insider Admits Gates Is ‘Force Jabbing’ Humanity With mRNA in Food Supply

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While everyone was distracted by the mainstream media's latest news cycles, the elites have begun pumping mRNA into the US meat supply, with plans underway to insert synthetic mRNA into commercial milk and vegetables.

While everyone was distracted by the mainstream media’s latest news cycles, the elites have begun pumping mRNA into the US meat supply, with plans underway to insert synthetic mRNA into commercial milk and vegetables. And Congress has been exposed covering for Big Pharma and allowing them to pump mRNA into our food supply without our knowledge.

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As soon as it became clear that a significant percentage of the population was going to refuse to be coerced into being vaccinated, the elite began working on cunning alternative schemes to force their jabs on us.

Last week, scientists who pumped mRNA into cow’s milk have announced they have “successfully” immunized mice who fed on the milk, leading to fears that commercial milk is set to be quietly loaded with mRNA in order to vaccinate the unvaccinated population.

Researchers found that they could put a small piece of mRNA into tiny packets called exosomes, which are found in milk. They then fed this milk to mice, and the mice absorbed the exosomes in their digestive system.

And if you don’t buy commercial milk, the elite have a plan for you too. They are going to insert mRNA vaccines into plants – with or without your knowledge or consent.

Creating vaccines to grow in plants to drug the people without our permission. This is yet another crime against humanity perpetrated by the elites.

A “natural process?” We really are living in Orwell’s world now. War is peace. Ignorance is strength. Pedophilia is normal. Inserting mRNA into a plant destined for kitchen tables to be eaten by unsuspecting families… is a “natural process.”

Considering the amount of damage mRNA vaccines are doing in the world, we can’t allow these Biotech companies to get away with talking about mRNA being a “natural process.”

Especially considering how the establishment, working on behalf of the globalist elite, has demonized anyone who has advocated for real natural processes and cures.

Natural immunity is a natural process. But the establishment have declared that there is no such thing as natural immunity. It’s just a “dangerous conspiracy theory.”

The mainstream media have never been so out of step with the rest of us. They are gaslighting us on behalf of the elite, who have become so drunk on power that they have lost touch with reality.

They global elite, led by figures such as Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates, are like cartoon villains at this point. Except that they’re real and incredibly dangerous.

Take Gates for example. He is becoming increasingly arrogant and no longer feels any shame about openly broadcasting his true intentions for the planet right in plain sight. This is a trait shared by many psychopaths. So it’s no surprise that rather than admitting that humanity has woken up to the truth about the disastrous experimental Covid-19 jabs, Gates is doubling down and taking it upon himself to vaccinate the world by stealth.

According to the billionaire eugenicist, cows, pigs and chickens have inadequate genetics. And the only way to “fix” those genetics is to “vaccinate” every farm animal in the world with new mRNA vaccines.

It just so happens that the only animals he is interested in pumping full of mRNA are animals that will end up on dinner plates across the world.

Unless all farm animals are pumped full of mRNA and Big Pharma’s latest poisons, the food supply will remain “dirty,” in Gates’ view. Only he and his globalist minions can “sanitize” nature with new chemicals and DNA modification techniques – which they are also trying to do to humans.

In case you had any doubt at the time, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was right when he said Bill Gates has a God complex and wants to recreate the world in his own image.

But it gets even worse.

Attorney Thomas Renz has been working on House Bill 1169 and has found a series of loopholes created by Congress that mean mRNA could already be in the US food supply – right now.

As we revealed earlier in the video, there are definite plans underway to insert mRNA vaccines into vegetables as well.

The elite are stopping at nothing, with operations on various fronts, all designed to force jab the unvaccinated.

All of this has been many years in the making. Thirteen years ago, Gates met with notorious globalists including Warren Buffett, David Rockefeller, George Soros, Michael Bloomberg, Ted Turner, and Oprah Winfrey, to concoct a response to the so-called “problem” of population growth, which all of these figures see as a threat to the human race – meaning themselves and their ill-gotten wealth and lavish lifestyles, which were built on the backs of the very people they are now attempting to exterminate.

Disturbingly, Gates’ power and influence has only increased since then and he now ranks as America’s largest private farmland owner.

Gates has acquired 270,000 acres of land throughout America, according to last year’s edition of the Land Report 100, an annual survey of the nation’s largest landowners. He has his eye on farming in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia as well.

Analysts are now connecting the dots about his purchase of farmland, his mass vaccination agenda and his gene-modification projects. It appears the global elite’s agenda of hijacking the food supply is slowly being carried out with Gates as their frontman.

One possible goal of Gates in pushing the GM of farm animals is to decimate them and force people to eat lab-grown inorganic substitute foods in the future, essentially eliminating the people’s freedom to choose.

Jacob Bruns, writing for Headline USA, explains, “In the view of the world’s billionaires, religious and political ‘obstacles’ remain that might get in the way of their mass experimentation.” And he couldn’t be more right.

It’s not coincidence that the globalist elite at the World Economic Forum are actively working to subvert religion and convince humanity that God is dead and Jesus is fake news.

We made a whole video about the elite’s agenda to destroy religion and convince the world that God is dead.

Robert F. Kennedy gave a speech at Hillsdale College this week and mentioned the Milgram experiment from the MK Ultra Program – and how it relates to what we all went through during the so-called pandemic.

If you are watching this video, there is no doubt you are in the 33% who will not be told what to do by evil overlords. Our job is now is to fight for the 67% until they wake up and are able to fight for themselves to restore the freedoms that all of us believe in.

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