Unhinged Lindsey Graham Demands US Start WW3, Invade Russia & ‘Take Out Putin’

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Sen. Lindsey Graham has revealed his true colors on Sunday, demanding that the US launch World War 3 against nuclear-armed Russia in order to “save Ukraine.” According to Sen. Graham, “there is no off-ramp in this war” and it’s time for the US to step up to the plate and “take out Putin.

Sen. Graham, who was interviewed on Fox News Sunday, said the only way the West can win this war on behalf of Ukraine is by instituting a no-fly zone, removing Putin from the Kremlin and imposing US-led regime change on Moscow.

“We are in a fight for the future of Europe,” said the South Carolina senator. “NATO needs to get bigger, not smaller. If Sweden and Finland and Europe breaks away from dependence on Russian oil and gas, and Putin is declared a war criminal, then this is the best result for the world writ large. China will be less likely to go into Taiwan.”

Putin [must be] a war criminal in the eye’s of the world and that he is prosecuted. Putin must go. If Putin is still standing after all this, then the world is going to be a very dark place. China is going to get the wrong signal and we are going to have a mess on our hands in Europe for years to come.

“Let’s take out Putin by helping Ukraine.”

Sen. Graham has attracted widespread condemnation in recent months due to his inflammatory comments regarding Putin and Russia. In March Graham demanded that Putin face assassination in order to end Russia’s “denazification” of Ukraine.

Graham first made the demand in an appearance on Sean Hannity’s show on Fox on Thursday evening, before repeating the demand in a tweet that quickly went viral.

Brutus refers to one of the murderers of Roman emperor Julius Caesar, and Stauffenberg was a German army officer who was executed for attempting to assassinate Adolf Hitler in Berlin in 1944.

Graham added in a separate tweet: “The only people who can fix this are the Russian people. Easy to say, hard to do. Unless you want to live in darkness for the rest of your life, be isolated from the rest of the world in abject poverty, and live in darkness you need to step up to the plate.

A video has surfaced online in which warmongers John McCain and Lindsey Graham are caught meeting with Ukrainian troops and encouraging them to re-start hostilities with Russia.
The late warmonger John McCain with his close confidante, Lindsey Graham.

Despite immediate criticism of Graham’s comments from across the divide in the US, with many people claiming he risks inflaming the situation and provoking WW3, Graham doubled down on the idea in a Friday morning interview with Fox & Friends.

I’m hoping somebody in Russia will understand that he is destroying Russia, and you need to take this guy out by any means possible,” Graham said.

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