British Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn Exposed As Soviet Spy

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Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has been exposed as a cold-war traitor to the United Kingdom and an undercover agent of the former Soviet Union. 

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has been exposed as a cold-war traitor to the United Kingdom and an undercover agent of the former Soviet Union. 

Jeremy Corbyn is a lifelong Trotskyist from the die-hard “old left”, and in a political upset he became leader of the UK Labour Party in 2015. He represents the old “nationalise everything”, “Nuclear disarmament” and “back Palestine” roots of hard left activism and his policies threaten to return Britain to the 1970s.

A few days ago, The Sun broke BOMBSHELL explosive claims about “Corbyn and the Commie Spy”,  saying Corbyn met a Czech Agent and passed information to the USSR during the Cold War. That’s called TREASON!

Corbyn was notoriously cosy with the Soviet Authorities and got their permission to take Diane Abbot, currently Shadow Home Secretary, who was his girlfriend at the time, on a tour of East Germany by Motorbike.

The Czech Agent, since named as Jan Sarkocy, has doubled down on his claims. It’s not only Corbyn that was paid, he says, but 15 other Labour MP’s took money for information, including some still active in politics.

And this is said to include current Shadow Chancellor and life-long Marxist John McDonnel, who is said to terrify business with the prospect he could seize control of the British economy.

The story refuses to die down and just get bigger and bigger. And its not only records in the Czech Republic which are a concern – former East German files on Corbyn, and Abbot, could be used for blackmail by Putin.

It turns out, there is a way Corbyn could resolve this. All he has to do is personally request the release of those files and they will be made public. Political pundit Guido Fawkes has been pushing Corbyn to do just that: why not just get the files and show there is nothing there?

Unless there is something there…

Indeed, as the crisis has grown, Prime Minister Theresa May has also called for Corbyn to request his file and establish the facts.

Guido Fawkes also the broken the story that the anti-nuclear “peace” group Corbyn was part of, “labour Action for Peace”, was stuffed with sympathisers who met Soviet Agents. Seems like the loose lips business was booming among leftist Labour ranks in the 80s!

Corbyn’s attempts to put his head in the sand and ignore the growing scandal weren’t working. So, on Tuesday evening, Corbyn made an extraordinary video address to the press. He denies passing information to Jan Sarkocy, although he doesn’t deny meeting him. And instead of offering to get the records and prove the claims are empty, he attacks the MEDIA for reporting on it!

He directly points the finger at the wealthy individuals who own the papers and tells them “THINGS ARE GOING TO CHANGE!” (when he and his Trotskyists are swept into number 10, he implies).

This is terribly sinister. Not only because, the Right-wing media in the UK has been targeted by malicious activists who threaten advertisers with negative campaigns if they don’t stop adverting in those papers, directly harming the papers financial viability.

Corbyn has a “grandfatherly” caring appeal to his young fan-base. His reputation is based on the perception of integrity, a caretaker of the socialist dream. But these naive millennials have no idea what it was like to live in the 1970s under “old Labour”, when Corbyn’s brand of socialism was last tried. Power-cuts, tight family budgets (because strikes meant people couldn’t work to earn for their families), and terrible services with continued disruption, culminating in the dead being unable to be buried during the “Winter of Discontent”.

The Socialist social planners of the 1950s assumed those who lived on council estates doing working class jobs for working class money would always do that. It was their “place”. Social mobility was moribund.

As much as Margaret Thatcher is hated by supporters of Jeremy Corbyn, her Revolution, as much against the Tory “Old Guard” adverse to change as it was against the madness of destructive socialism, pulled Britain back from the brink. She saved Britain, creating opportunity and prosperity again.

Is all this a sinister plot by Britain’s enemies today? Theresa May doesn’t have to be worried too much about Corbyn, she may calculate his support peaked last year, but the EU hates him, and their Europhile agents like Gina Miller, and the “Remainer” cult funded by George Soros, have real motive to want traditionally “Eurosceptic” Corbyn removed, and replaced with a Europhile like Kier Starmer; part of their plot to defeat Brexit in the House of Commons on the final vote…

Whatever people think of Corbyn as a man in 2018, it matters greatly that the people know the truth about his past, his hard-left labour friends, and whether they betrayed us when the Cold War had nuclear weapons hanging over all our heads.

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