Pro-Hamas Terrorists Fire Bomb Jews in New York City

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Pro-Hamas terrorists fire bomb Jews in NYC

Pro-Hamas terrorists were caught fire bombing Jews in New York City on Thursday in broad daylight.



  1. Typical Rhe roma s always hated the Jews really but e vied their financial abilities so used them ,and of course pretended to like them to manage their finances because they knew they could trust them more than anyone else But they hated them for not worshipping their pagan Gods Basically ,for believing in monotheism Still do .And the Roman’s are still really pagans and still pretending to like people that they really hate

  2. i wish mossad would keep their conflicts out of this country. but they have to drag the USA into it as usual.

    • Howdy Christian Lords. I can enjoy a good conspiracy as much as the next guy, but give us something to go on here. Something like the Hamas didn’t fired thousands of rockets into Israel, the Mossad did. That Hamas doesn’t actually exist, it’s really run by the Mossad. That the Mossad fired all those rockets into Israel because they wanted to make the Palestinians look like blood thirsty monsters committed to war, and that because the Palestinians are actually passive people who refuse to hold hatred in their hearts, the Mossad bombs them in Gaza just to try to encourage what little hatred they have. And that because the Palestinians still refuse to Hate Israel enough to take direct action, the Mossad dresses up as Palestinians in New York and throws fire bombs.

      The Israeli Palestine conflict is moving in a very predictable direction. Israel allows abortion, the Followers of Islam in the country of Israel do not. Every year the population swings more and more toward the Followers of Islam. And because Israel is a democracy, sooner or later there will be a change in its political posture. Israel will move into a government similar to South Africa, and eventually it will become a Muslim State in partnership with its Jewish population. When that happens, to satisfy the Quran, the Followers of Islam will end its support of conflict in Israel and move on to supporting a conflict in Spain; because the Followers of Islam were evicted from Spain during the Inquisition. Chapter 22 (THE PILGRIMAGE) Line 39 (Permission is given to those who were wronged, and God is Able to give them victory.) Line 40 (Those who were unjustly evicted from their homes, merely for saying, “Our Lord is God.”)

      Personally, I’m in favor of any religion that keeps people off of overpasses with rifles. The way I see it, there was peace until Hamas tried to kill thousands of Israeli citizens last Tuesday.

          • shut up with the “wild accusations” If you want more information i can give it to you. But I don’t like your stupid attitude. You can go on believing that the government of Israel is our friend if you want. Nothing I can do about it. It is easier to fool people than it is to convince them they have been fooled. I am not sure you are worth my time.

          • Christian Lords, saying something is a wild accusation is not a personal attack on you. And I’m not trying to upset you. But without ANY substantive supporting information, saying that Hamas is Mossad is simply off the chart. If someone were to say that the Pearl Harbor attack was the work of the United Kingdom, without any substantive supporting evidence, I would consider that a wild accusation as well. I recognize that Israel is about as trustworthy and self serving as France, Germany, the Palestinians, and our Democrat Party. But if someone assaulted Nancy Pelosi on her way to the beauty parlor, and then someone accused her of arranging her own assault, without any supportive evidence, I would consider that a wild accusation too. And if you do not have anything to support that statement, that’s ok too. You may have run across enough unrelated evidence to distrust Israel about everything to do with them. But I have not. So the worst thing that could happen is that I am not worth your time. But you made a public statement, so I assume you are open to an open discussion about it.

          • I used to work for the ass holes, I went in with respect and left with the realization that they are the synagogue of Satan for sure. Jesus knew what he was talking about. They hate you, and hate you in the worst way. They smirk at people like you who think they are our only ally in the middle east. HA!

          • Howdy Christian Lords. All Jewish people are not George Soros. He is, in my opinion, the closest thing to the single man in charge of every bad thing that there is. Before him, there was Armand Hammer. You can follow all the Corruption that those two people have fostered in this and other governments throughout the world. Both of them were die hard Socialists (people who believe the government should run everything), and placed like-minded key people in critical positions throughout our government and our educational system. And then there are thousands of corrupt people who place money and their personal comfort and safety over their own country, who provide technology and services that directly threaten this country and peace throughout the world. A guy by the name Bernard L. Schwartz is a perfect example (yes he is Jewish), and another perfect example is a guy by the name of Bill Clinton (who is not).

            I do not doubt your negative experience with the Jewish people. Like I said, you may have unrelated evidence that has given you cause to distrust everything about Israel and its Culture. I’m close to that same attitude with France and Germany. With that point of view, I can see why you assume Israel and its government are the source of so much trouble in the world. But I can understand the motive of people like George Soros, and I can see a clear consistency between his motive and his actions.

            I cannot see that kind of consistency of motive with the Israeli government. The level of incompetence in the Israeli government precludes that. At one time, they had all of the Sinai, the West Bank, and Gaza. They have impotently tried to trade land for peace time and time again. And because they have embraced abortion, their inevitable control is doomed through population attrition. But you have given me something to work with and understand, and I appreciate that. Thank you.

          • USS Liberty
            five dancing Israelis
            What do you think Epstein was all about? Who was Epstein working for?
            Rosenbergs and the Manhattan project.
            F-16, Lavi jet fighter, and the J-10 Chinese fighter

            this will keep you busy for a couple of days.

          • Howdy Christian Lords. I’m following the information you gave me. You start with USS Liberty. The official records are that no one is to blame. But clearly the Israeli air force attacked the ship simply because it was within 20 miles of the Gaza coast. The US was not an ally of Israel and I’m sure they had plenty of animosity with the US at that time. I have lots of animosity toward the UK, France, Germany, and Canada because they helped the USSR ship supplies to North Vietnam. I would have loved it if the US bomb those ships. And I’m sure those countries would still be upset with the US if they did.

            Then you mention the “five dancing Israelis”. Are there spies from every country in New York? – yes. The only thing that is troubling is that one of the men later said in an interview, “The fact of the matter is we are coming from a country that experiences terror daily. Our purpose was to document the event.” That could be taken as, “since we were already there, we documented the event”. It can also be taken as, “we were ordered to NY to Document the attack by al Qaeda because we picked up intelligence that it was going to happen.” I have never seen any intelligence that indicated 9/11 was an Israeli attack. When Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, I have no doubt that there were several UK citizens extremely happy because the US would finally join on their side. But in comparison, the Arab population in every country was dancing in the street out of the harm their terrorists inflicted on the US.

            Then you asked, “Who was Epstein working for?” associating that person with the Rosenbergs and the Manhattan project.
            -There was a Shakhne Epshteyn, who was an associate of Julius Hammer (Armand Hammer’s father) at Pravda (formerly the official newspaper of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union).
            -Then there was an Epstein (no first name) who was a Soviet intelligence agent. He was a steamship ticket sales agent in NY who assisted in providing fake passports.
            -Then there was Israel Epstein (code name Minayev), who was a Soviet intelligence agent, Journalist, and Communist activist. He was Polish born but raised in China by his Communist parents.
            -Then there was Jacob Epstein (code name Harry, aka Harry-2, aka Garri, aka, Garri-2), an American Communist, veteran of the Spanish Civil War, and a Soviet intelligent agent.
            -Then there was Ruth Epstein (code name Nona aka Wilson), Wife of Jacob Epstein, Veteran (nurse) of the Spanish Civil War and Soviet intelligence agent.
            -Then there was Julius Epstein, Brother in law of Nelson Chipchin (KGB).
            -And then there was Sidney Epstein, Washington Times-Herald writer.

            Which Epstein are you talking about?

            Then you mentioned the F-16, Lavi jet fighter, and the J-10 Chinese fighter. If you are saying that Israel stole the plans for the F-16, made the Lavi jet, and sold the designs to China; I would argue that the failure of defense industry security was a function of the Clinton Administration. At one time, if you even had a distant family member visiting a Communist country, your security clearance would have been suspended. After Clinton took office, he had Chinese engineers openly visiting Defense Industry facilities. It developed to the point where Chinese citizens were actually working for defense industry subsidiaries. The number of security breaches were ghastly. Clinton also got rid of COCOM and gave permission for China to receive ICBM and 2nd stage delivery technology. If Israel also stole stuff, I’m not surprised.

            I’m looking to see where all this is tied together with Israel. Can you give me more information about Epstein. Armand Hammer, George Soros, and the Rosenbergs are all tied to Stalin and Socialism. The 9/11 attack, all the middle East conflicts, and the Georgia and Ukraine invasions all seem supported by Russia. Israel used to be an ally of the USSR. But that relationship soured a very long time ago. Help me with Epstein.

          • Howdy again Christian Lords. I noted that, “The official records are that no one is to blame.” But I hope I made it clear that the Israeli pilots were to blame. The USS Liberty had machine guns for self defense, but no artillery platform that could direct fire onto the land forces 20 miles away.

            I have worked in and around the government all my life. The only thing more common than Administrators lying in order to kowtow to politicians, is Managers lying to cover up their mistakes. The Liberty and Rosenberg events were before my time, but from 1970 on, I was involved in world events in a variety of capacities. The public ever only knows a small fraction of what really goes on. I first learned about the USS Liberty event when I was working with the company that had helped the Israeli Air Force counter the SAM radars during the Yom Kippur War. I was not directly involved, but I talked to the men who were involved modifying the spectrum analyzer. I first gained cursory knowledge “about” the Rosenberg Spy Ring in 1984, a couple of years after the VENONA project ended. When VENONA became declassified in 1995, I examined the unclassified information in detail out of curiosity. My comments regarding Epstein were taken from my notes.

            I can tell you, in detail, about the fantastic screwups made by the military, and why I disbelieve the official reports on the JFK flight that blew up, the Space Shuttle reentry accident, Saddam’s involvement in 9/11, and the Malayan missing Flight; and why I believe Iraq was developing WMD and had to be invaded.

            You have what seems like, at first glance, an extreme opinion about Israel. You have made it clear that your experiences left you with the opinion that Israel, at least since the Cold War, has been the instigator of conflict throughout the world and even down to street level violence. The scope of that control is breathtaking. Now your opinion can be formed by selecting scattered violent events and viewing them through your biased viewpoint (as well founded as in might be), or it can be formed by your intimate knowledge of the Mossad, Israeli government actions, or something else.

            I was hoping to get a better grip on how you came to believe that Israel had so much control over world and street level events. I would love to know more.

          • They have so much control over the world is simply because their creators print alll the world countries currency.
            “Give me authority to print a nation’s currency, I care not what their laws are” Rothschild. who in turn pushed and funded the creation of Israel. We have a private bank printing our currency, the federal reserve bank. our government is not allowed to audit them. They print as much money they need to buy anything they want. They own our politicians, FBI, CIA, NSA ect.
            This is why Obama signed off 38 billion on top of the regular 4 billion in grants. We are 100% of their GDP. They take that money and go buy Chinese made products. Sweet deal for Israel. They love us so much. “When we are done with America, they will dry up and blow away” Netanyahu.

          • Howdy Christian Lords.
            “When we are done with America, they will dry up and blow away” Netanyahu.

            I looked up the source of the quote (not using Snoop). According to the author of the September 2005 article, Netanyahu was over heard by an unknown ex CIA Agent, who told a second unknown person, who passed on the quote to the author. Any real journalist would have had trouble mentioning that daisy chain of unsourced information as a “rumor”, much less than a quote. Now let’s consider who the author was. The article was published by the owner of the Wayne Madsen Report. The author has publicly been quoted by Fidel Castro, received warm personal greetings from Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, was invited by Muammar Ghadafi to attend the 40th anniversary of the Libyan Revolution, he interviewed Prachanda who was the leader of the Nepali Maoist Party, and has had more different jobs since 1990 than the state of Georgia had stuffed ballots in the last election. Also, in the same paragraph as Netanyahu’s quote, the author uses an additional “unnamed” source from “US Intelligence sources” that describes Netanyahu as an extreme threat to the US. Why would any agency, supposedly run by the Israelis, want to describe Netanyahu as an enemy of the US, and why would the CIA provide that quote if the US Intelligence is run by the Israelis? It only has use for people who want to sever US ties to Israel.

            All that said, even though I don’t give the quote much weight, I accept that Netanyahu was probably very bitter with the US after he was voted out of office. He was probably very bitter about how Clinton twisted his arm with the Oslo Accords and the Wye Memorandum at the same time South Lebanon conflict was escalating. It cost Netanyahu his Presidency.

            But let’s cut to the chase. Let’s assume Israel and all their people hate the US as much as France does. That hatred doesn’t create control. But given how corrupt our politicians are, money does. And you mention the FED.

            There are many people who do not like the Federal Open Market Committee, its seven member Federal Reserve Board of Governors, the Five Federal Reserve Bank presidents, nor the US Treasury. Many people do not like Commodity Monetary Policy, Fiat Monetary Policy, nor Fiscal policy. This is politics at a level higher than most people have an educational basis to understand. Since the seven members of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors are appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate, I would suspect that any control Israel might have over our money supply would have to come through the Senate. But the bottom line is the money supply. Where does the money supply come from? I will put it as succinctly as I can. It comes from government spending more money than they have. The Fed cannot buy bonds that the government does not offer. So it is the Government issuing bonds to borrow money that it does not have that is the problem. The House authorizes the spending, and the Senate and the President oks the spending. Again, I would suspect that any control Israel might have over our money supply would have to come through Congress. Is the creation of money insane? OMG Yes! How is Israel benefitting from a pending hyper inflation in the US? From a weaker US military? From less influence worldwide? Are greedy politicians benefitting with more power and personal money? Oh yes. If you are saying that a disproportionate percentage of Jewish people who are Bankers, Lawyers, and Politicians; who are twisting the Financial System to benefit themselves at the expense of all the rest of us, that is an argument that is an extremely powerful argument. Maybe if more White, Black, Hispanic, and Asian people dedicated themselves to a decent education and increased their proportion of Bankers, Lawyers, and Politicians, maybe their greater since of loyalty to this country would counter the greed and avarice of the people currently in charge. So at this point, unless you can give me more specific information, I do not yet see an Israel control system through the FED.

            You mentioned that Obama gave Israel $38 billion on top of their normal $4 billion in aid. That is just a simple error many people have made in misunderstanding the agreement, but easy to clarify. Between 2014 and 2017, the US gave Israel between $3.6 and $3.8 billion yearly. The $38 billion was only an agreement to give $38 billion over 10 years. So in 2018, Israel received $3.86 billion, and in 2019 it was 3.852 billion. Eight more years to go. And since Israel’s GDP is $395 billion, the $3.8 billion the US gives them each year only amounts to less than one percent of their Total GDP. These are misunderstandings that anyone could make. News reporters write their articles for sensationalism, not information.

            I am intrigued by the money flow from Israel to key politicians in the US. If there was a control system in place, that is where I would expect to see it. And from the current political environment, I would say China has funneled more money into the hands of corrupt politicians than Israel has. Years ago, I tied Saddam Hussein’s money to an Iraqi Agent giving money to a Democrat Politician. It was a key discovery at the time that linked Saddam to Al-Qaeda. But that’s another story. George Soros funnels an incredible amount of money to Democrats at every political strata. If you could tie Soros to the Israeli government with a document, using either Israeli money or his own, that directs him to influence US politicians with campaign money; that would be clear proof. It wouldn’t be illegal, but it would be clear proof.

          • The attacked the USS liberty trying to blame it on Egypt. It didn’t work. they got a radio call out after they focused their attack on the communications tower. They knew it was a spy vessel. or are you saying the Israelis are dumb?

          • Howdy Christian Lords. I’m saying that I don’t believe government reports when there is embarrassment or an error involved, or if they want to “make nice” because they want something. I told you, the Israeli pilot (pissed off at America) knew it was an American spy ship. His anger and biased opinion caused him to believe that the US was feeding intelligence to the Egyptians. He knew that the ship was not bombarding the Israeli positions on the coast, but he took the opportunity to kill Americans because he hated them. The rest is all government report do-do.

          • As Mark Twain says…”it is easier to fool people than it is to convince them they have been fooled” I can’t help you. Keep using snopes to fact check. you will be fine.

          • ISIS is Mossad. wrap your brain around that one too. I am giving you dots to connect, now you go connect them. Use your God given discernment.
            Al Qaeda is mossad/CIA.
            CIA works for the central bankers and not for you.
            Mao was funded and guided by the western Central bank owners from day one. The Rothschilds made it so the Soviets could put British jet engines in their Mig 15s to fight the USA in the Korean war.
            Exxon was selling Oil to Hitler.
            Ford supplied Miltary transport trucks by the thousands to the German army.
            Things are not what they appear to be.
            Bush and Clintons were great friends from beginning to end.
            Your military is not there for you, they are there to protect the interests of the Central banks. You just help pay for it.
            Pol Pot was funded and guided by the owners of the central banks, his purpose was to break the culture and patriotism of Cambodia, so they could establish their economic control, after they killed off all the intellectuals and brave.

        • And the WW2 German Infantry’s motto was God is with us. – Please, give me some information – something that I can work with.

  3. End Apartheid – Open Borders for Israel – Diversity is their Strength; at least that’s what they push for everyone else.

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