CIA Chief Accuses Edward Snowden Of Undermining US Security

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Edward Snowden

CIA director John Brennan, has lashed out at renowned NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden for ‘undermining the nation’s security’.

Press TV reports: Addressing the Overseas Security Advisory Council’s annual meeting on Wednesday, Brennan accused Snowden of undermining US security and making it harder for intelligence officials to curb terror acts.

“I think any unauthorized disclosures made by individuals that have dishonored the oath of office that they have raised their hand and attested to undermines this nation’s security,” the CIA head said in response to a question about Snowden.

“And heroizing such individuals I find to be unfathomable as far as what it is that this country needs to be able to do, again, in order to keep itself safe,” Brennan added.

He also slammed those who cheer for Snowden and what he did, saying “a lot of people who are speaking out there about what some individuals have done and applauding it have no understanding, [and] are totally ignorant of what it is that such people have wrought.”

Snowden, a former contractor of the National Security Agency (NSA), fled America two years ago and took with him a trove of highly classified information that blew the cover on a deep spying program the country’s security agencies were running against both domestic and foreign targets.

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