Ohio Considers Criminalizing Abortion With Death Penalty For Women & Doctors Found Guilty

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Proposed bill would allow abortions to be punishable with life sentences in prison and even the death penalty

Politicians in Ohio are considering passing a bill that would ban abortion in all cases across the state and allow criminal charges against both doctors who perform the abortion and women seeking them.

The proposed law could allow abortions to be punishable with life sentences in prison and even the death penalty.

House Bill 565, which is currently being considered by the state’s House Health Committee, would also extend the definition of a person in Ohio’s criminal code to include the fetus or “unborn human”

The Independent reports: This would mean that a foetus, from conception to birth, would be considered a person, leaving people who perform or undergo abortions vulnerable to severe criminal penalties.

House Bill 565 makes no exception for pregnancies arising from rape or incest or which risk the life of the mother.

The Ohio legislature is controlled by the local Republican party.

The bill would not only criminalise abortion but also defines the process as “causing the death of an unborn human, by any method, including, but not limited to, chemical methods, medical methods, and surgical methods.”

Although the document does not include miscarriages, it is unclear how an unintended termination would be proven by a woman or doctor under scrutiny.

The bill was proposed in March and is awaiting consideration by the legislature’s health committee.

House Bill 565 is only the latest bill to be introduced in the Ohio legislature that seeks to severely limit abortion rights.

The so-called ‘heartbeat bill’, which would criminalise performing abortions at the point a foetal heartbeat is detected, was passed by the Ohio House of Representatives on 15 November.

Most women are unaware of their pregnancy at this point.

Doctors who perform an abortion on a foetus with a heartbeat could be punished with up to a year in prison and a $2,500 fine, according to The New York Times.

The ‘heartbeat bill’ will now pass to the Ohio state Senate.

Governor John Kasich has threatened to veto the controversial bill if it reaches his desk, according to local newspaper The Columbus Dispatch. 


  1. Best news I’ve seen in ages, sadly it wont pass, the great Christian John Kasich wont stop the sacrifices to Baal

  2. This bill is a naked power grab by people who want to impose their religious beliefs upon everyone. It is wrong in many ways. Here are just a few:

    First, the status of a woman’s womb is her own business, NOT the business of government, regardless of the indoctrination promulgated by the late Pope John Paul 2. That man has been revealed to have been a very evil, power-mad and depraved individual. Consider that he may have had evil motives for redefining the beginning of life. Motives such as are discussed below.

    Second, for thousands of years, and across many cultures, the beginning of life is defined as when the newborn baby (outside of the mother’s body) takes its first independent breath. If it never managed to breathe on its own, it was considered stillborn. This can be verified by the separately developed astrological traditions of the Chinese, Indian, Greek and Mayan cultures. Charts calculated for the life of an individual were based upon the first independent breath. In the USA, the “Apgar score” was developed to rate the vital signs of a newborn baby.

    Third, the moment of conception is not something that science has (yet) developed a way of identifying, even if the invasive government goons want to know this data. Miscarriages happen, for very many reasons. If a fetus is spontaneously aborted due to developmental issues, complications of implantation, stress of the mother, or any of a plethora of other causes, the woman could be prosecuted for child abuse or even murder. Imagine the insanity of murdering any woman of childbearing age who suffers a miscarriage! The proposed bill in effect seizes control of all women of childbearing age, and sets the stage for dictating their behavior, every day of their fertile life, without any legal basis nor any moral framework (see #2 above).

    Fourth, at least one of the procedures for abortion is also used to treat other female problems. The “dilate and cut,” or “D&C,” procedure is used for women with endometriosis, for women with false pregnancies where tissue has grown in the uterus and needs to be removed, for uterine fibroid tumor removal, and for other similar situations. This bill would expose doctors to excessive risk for providing health care to women. The predictable result would be a loss of access to health care for women, due to higher costs and fewer appointment openings for the few doctors who remain in that specialty. This bill is anti-health-care for women.

    There are other reasons why this bill is an affront to all women, regardless of whether you believe in Pope John Paul 2’s version of the beginning of life, or the more time-honored and non-sectarian version of the first independent breath. The Constitution does not enumerate the right of the government to peer into women’s lady-parts nor to control them like factory-farmed livestock.

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