Tory MP Claims Cameron Delayed Iraq Probe To Avoid Embarrassing Blair

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A leading Tory Brexit campaigner has claimed that the controversial Iraq war inquiry report has been delayed until after the EU referendum to avoid embarrassing pro EU Tony Blair

David Davis, the former minister of State for Europe, has accused David Cameron of delaying the publication of Sir John Chilcot’s Iraq inquiry to save ‘In’ campaigner Blair’s reputation before the vote on June 23.

The Express reports:

The investigation began taking evidence in 2009 and finished the process in February 2011

But Mr Davis believes the Prime Minister is saving the former Prime Minister blushes while he battles for the ’In’ campaign.

Mr Blair is expected to come under heavy criticism for the controversial war which began in March 2003.

Mr Davis described Blair as a “cheerleader for the ‘In’ campaign” and claimed Mr Cameron is saving his blushes.

Tony Blair

The Brexit supporter told The Telegraph: “Now that it is clear that Tony Blair is going to be a cheerleader for the ‘In’ campaign it is obvious that this delay on the Chilcot report is nothing more than cynical political expediency.

“Frankly this compounds the hurt and insult for the parents and loved ones of the soldiers who gave their lives to their country in Iraq.”

Matthew Jury, a lawyer representing 29 families of British soldiers who died in Iraq, added: “The families simply cannot understand why, if the report is finalised this Friday, it will then take three months for it just to be typeset and proofread.

“The families have asked the Inquiry several times for a suitable explanation, but one hasn’t been given. This lack of transparency is appalling.”

Mr Cameron revealed the Chilcot inquiry will be published “not too much longer” after the referendum.

Speaking to MPs, he said: “[There is] a referendum on June 23, and I’m sure the Chilcot report will come not too much longer after that.”

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