Chelsea Clinton: I Want ‘White Kids of Privilege’ to ‘Erode That Privilege’

Fact checked
Chelsea Clinton says white children need to learn to erode their privilege

Chelsea Clinton said she was teaching her children to “erode” their “white privilege” during a national Women for Biden organizing call on Thursday evening.

“You know, 40% of Americans with disabilities report that they have real challenges voting in person. And so in states where there haven’t been, kind of, no-excuse absentee voting or where there hasn’t been the introduction of early voting yet, you know, it still isn’t, kind of, easy, fair or equal for many Americans to vote,” the former First Lady’s daughter said.

“And I think it’s really important that my children understand that. And I think it’s particularly important that they understand that as white children of  privilege because I want them to erode that privilege throughout their lives to ensure more people are enfranchised and that equality isn’t just an ideal,” Clinton continued.

Rep. Ayanna Pressley said, “You’re really modeling that which my mother certainly believed, which is that a parent is a child’s first teacher. And I so appreciate that you’re providing that full education, because we know that often there is a revisionist history or a sanitizing or filtering of history that does not tell the whole story.”



  1. There is no such thing as white privilege by law, but there is definitely such a thing as diversity privilege by law.

    Chelsea Clinton enjoys all of these diversity privileges by law –

    Feminist privileges
    Militant Queer privileges (elective abortion on demand)

    Jewish privileges (her husband and kids are Jewish)

    Zionist privileges (self explanatory)

    SJW Crony Capitalist privileges (a lot of her privileges are in this category)
    International Socialist privileges

    When a ugly and trashy diversity supremacist whore like Chelsea Clinton refers to white privilege, she is projecting and actually referring to her own diversity supremacist privileges.

  2. Where I live you don’t get things just because you’re white so I wouldn’t know how that is. You will get preferential treatment if you’re one of the elite so maybe what Ms. Clinton should be doing is reigning in her family’s elite privilege.

    • Yes its about CLASS Bot race But GENERALLY they have kept whites as the ‘ classiest ” Name one non white Pope in 1500 years .

    • Tell that to the north American Indians shoved onto reservations Tell them the dirty thieving murdering injuns wgo tried to steal the English farmers lands and houses by killing them and driving them away. Tell the dwscendants of thd estimated ten million africand the ebglish captured like animals as they clained 80 per cent if Africa as englands ,and sold in chains as slaves. Tell it to the tens of thousands of Indiand and Pakistanus wgo they machine gunned yo death in days to force them Tell it to the Tasmania’s who were totally genocided by england to give England their country.

  3. Load if hogwash b/s from a dirty socialist workers party whorebag syciophant to white supremacist monarchs and popes .

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