(Video) Obama Is the Reason Why Dick Cheney Is Not in Prison: Greenwald

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(Video) Obama Is the Reason Why Dick Cheney Is Not in Prison: Greenwald

Appearing on HuffPost Live Thursday, Glenn Greenwald went after former Vice President Dick Cheney for his comments about torture on Meet the Press, and said President Barack Obama enabled Cheney to appear on the show because the president did not prosecute the architects of the CIA’s torture tactics.

Greenwald said he was not surprised that Cheney stood by his stance that torture was successful, and said that argument is “completely irrelevant” because it has been banned by international treaties and laws. He then said Cheney should not even be a free man, and that President Obama is to blame for that.

“The reason why Dick Cheney is able to go on Meet the Press instead of being where he should be, which is in the dock at The Hague or in a federal prison, is because President Obama and his administration made the decision not to prosecute any of the people who implemented this torture regime, despite the fact that it was illegal and criminal,” Greenwald said.

He also said the president sent the signal that torture is not a crime that should be punished, but simply a policy debate that should be debated on Sunday shows, adding that Obama “emboldens torture.”

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