Calls For Switzerland To Arm Itself In Response To World War III Fears

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Switzerland preparing to arm their military amid World War III fears

Switzerland’s Chief of the Armed Forces, Lieutenant General André Blattmann, has advised that Swiss people arm themselves due to fears of “hybrid wars” escalating to a World War III scenario. 

Blattmann says the very real threat of a World War III primarily stem from Turkish President Erdogan, and his recent declaration of being leader of the entire Islamic world. The Lieutenant says this has the potential to cause a global conflict between Russia and the West, and if Erdogan gets his way, the Ottoman Empire will be resurrected. reports:

Curiously echoing General Blattmann’s fears, this report continues, is the elite American news organization Politico, who this morning published an article titled “On the brink, with Erdogan” openly questioning the Obama regime if it was going to allow Turkey’s “madman” to push US/NATO into war with Russia.

Likewise, this report notes, the elite American news organization CounterPunch has begun questioning the Obama regime as to why it is even supporting Turkey in the first place by stating:

“Many prefer to view Erdogan’s actions as whimsical or as contrary to the wishes of the United States or NATO. According to this narrative, Erdogan is a madman but he is acting on his own. This is a mistake. Let one who claims so answer candidly the following questions:

Did the United States or NATO denounce the toppling of the Russian Jet?  -No. On the contrary. It was claimed Turkey has the right to “defend itself.”

Did the United States or NATO demand an immediate withdrawal of Turkish forces from northern Iraq following the illegal invasion on December 4? Did it denounce it at once? –No. Only two weeks later did the US ask Turkey to withdraw its forces from Iraq. There was no condemnation.

Did the United States or NATO hold Erdogan accountable for his trading with and support for ISIS? –No.  In fact, NATO-Turkish cooperation and EU-Turkish collaboration has only intensified.

Did the United States condemn Erdogan for his bloody campaign against the Kurds in Turkey? –No.”

Answering both Politico and CouterPunch’s in their questioning of the Obama regimes support of Erdogan, this report says, is the former US President Ronald Regan administration official Paul Craig Roberts—who in his article this week titled “Why World War III Is On The Horizon” states that the Obama regime (as well as past ones) labels as a  “hostile power” any country sufficiently strong enough to have a foreign policy independent from Washington’s—and of which he gravely warns:

“The Russian government has learned that Washington does not respect Washington’s own laws, much less international law, and that Washington cannot be trusted to keep any agreement.

This lack of trust, together with the aggression toward Russia spewing from Washington and the presstitute media and echoing in the idiotic European capitals, has established the ground for nuclear war.

As NATO (essentially the US) has no prospect of defeating Russia in conventional war, much less defeating an alliance of Russia and China, war will be nuclear.”

With the Obama regime backed Erdogan now strengthening his alliance with Saudi Arabia against Russia too, this report continues, the sheer insanity of these adversaries to the Federation appear to know no decent bounds either—and as exampled by Saudi Arabia’s slamming of Russia for this past weeks airstrike killing of the feared war criminal Syrian terrorist leader Zahran Alloush—who in 2013, while being openly supported by the Obama regime, vowed to slaughter all Christians, Jews, Shiite Muslims, everyone in fact, by openly stating:

“The Mujahedeen of Shaam will cleanse Shaam of the Filth of Rafidis (rejecters who believe in anything other than Sunni Islam) and Rafidism; they will cleanse it for ever in sha Allah, till they will cleanse the land of Shaam of the filth of the Majoos (Fireworshippers) who fought the Religion of Allah the Almighty.

The Shia are still despicable and pitiful though history.

And I give you the news, oh Filthy Rafidis: Just as Banu Umayya crushed your heads in the Past, the people of Ghouta and Shaam will crush them soon,

They will make you taste a painful torment in this world, before Allah makes you taste it in the Hereafter, Oh you unclean Rafidis! You will collide into what you’ve never expected of Power from the Mujahedeen of Islam”.

As to General Blattmann’s fears of global economic chaos spreading civil unrest throughout Europe too, this report further notes, it may be nearer than anyone cares to openly admit—especially when viewed in the light that by Saudi Arabia’s flooding the world with cheap oil in order to destroy the oil industries in both Russia and the United States (two of its main competitors), it has not only created for itself a staggering $135 billion deficit, it is, also, bringing its own economy to near collapse.

Likewise, this report concludes, with Saudi Arabia’s actions, combined with Western sanctions, driving the ruble to new lows, the oil and natural gas dependent Russian economy itself is now cracking under the strain leading one top Kremlin official to warn that the government has only a few months before worsening economic conditions begin to fuel social unrest.

But before that happens, and as Swiss General Blattmann well knows, President Putin will destroy both Saudi Arabia and Turkey, no matter what the cost, before he allows that to happen—one can only hope that President Obama knows this fact too, or at least can read a history book.

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