2017 Study: DTP Vaccine Kills More Babies Than It Saves

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Shocking study shows that DTP vaccine kills more people than it saves

A shocking 2017 study published in Ebiomedicine reveals that the DTP vaccine kills ten times more babies than it saves. 

Researcher Søren Wengel Mogensen examined the mortality rates of infants between the ages of 5 and 5 months who were given early vaccinations for DTP (Diptheria-Tetanus-Pertussis) and OPV (Oral Polio Vaccine). They found that there was a 10-fold mortality rate compared to infants who did not receive the vaccine:

Results Among 3–5-month-old children, having received DTP (± OPV) was associated with a mortality hazard ratio (HR) of 5.00 (95% CI 1.53–16.3) compared with not-yet-DTP-vaccinated children.

Differences in background factors did not explain the effect. The negative effect was particularly strong for children who had received DTP-only and no OPV (HR = 10.0 (2.61–38.6)).

All-cause infant mortality after 3 months of age increased after the introduction of these vaccines (HR = 2.12 (1.07–4.19)).

Another study found that the vaccine shifts a persons immune system response from a balanced th1/th2 response, to a more th2 based response.

Themindunleashed.com reports: This study is alarming for several reasons. First, you likely won’t hear about it from your pediatrician or from mainstream media.

Second, doctors recently admitted that the Polio Vaccine program pushed onto African and Indian children by Bill Gates has created a mutant strain of polio which is now affecting children in Europe.

It is a well-known fact that the oral polio vaccine (OPV) contains a weakened form the of the virus which is meant to cause the body to develop antibodies to protect itself against a full-blown Polio episode, however, this immunity takes time to build up, and meanwhile the virus replicates in the intestinal tract and can even be excreted to infect others.

It is also a well-known fact that very small infants do not have a fully developed immune system. They are much more vulnerable to disease, infection, and clearly from the latest peer-reviewed study from Guinea-Bissau – vaccine-induced death.

Even the CDC admits that, “immunodeficient children [for example, tiny infants] are at risk for complications with the polio vaccine.”

Odd then, that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation claims the following:

“We invest heavily in vaccines to prevent infectious diseases—including HIV, polio, and malaria—and support the development of integrated health solutions for family planning, nutrition, and maternal and child health.”

Should we assume that the OPV is the only problem, let’s look more closely at the DTP vaccine.

Again, consider that an infant’s immune system is still developing when they are most often given these vaccinations, and that their brains are evolving at an unprecedented rate during early infancy as well.

DPT which is supposed to prevent whooping cough has been associated with brain inflammation, permanent brain damage and infant death since it was used on a mass scale in the U.S. starting in the late 1940’s.

DPT has also caused sudden death to infants in Taiwan per a study published in the journal, Pharmacoepidemiol Drug Safety.

And even more troubling, is the Gates’ intentions to vaccinate every African child, no matter how young, with DTP vaccines. Their foundation supporters maintain that more than 75% of sub-Saharan Africa remains unvaccinated with DTP – and they want to change that.

Moreover, even the pro-vaccine Immunization Action Coalition attests that “vaccines are not routinely given to infants younger than 6 weeks of age in the U.S. because little safety data or efficacy exists on doses given before 6 weeks of age, and vaccines are not licensed for this use,” yet we are giving African babies who are barely over the six-week mark double vaccines of Polio and DTP all at once?

But sure, we should trust the same man that has heavily invested in Agent-Orange and Glyphosate-creating Monsanto with our children’s health. What’s to worry about with a 5-fold increase in infant mortality? Or better yet, maybe we can combine a glyphosate, GMO diet with some early-DPT and OPV vaccinations to wipe out the entire population of Africa on Gates’ behalf? Hardly – but still people call you a conspirator when you expose these heinous facts.

Sean Adl-Tabatabai
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