Sophia Bush: It’s Time to Officially Label Republicans ‘Terrorists’

Fact checked
Sophia Bush says Republicans must be labelled terrorists

Trump-hating Hollywood star Sophia Bush is now advocating for labelling Republicans as terrorists.

In a shocking tweet, the actress declared that it was about time that Republicans get slapped with the “terrorist” label. Sophia was responding to a tweet from former Rep. Speier who asked: “The Republicans have been calling Democrats the radical left. Time to call Republicans the terrorist right?” reports: Sophia Bush’s incendiary language comes as the left steps up calls to treat conservatives as terrorists following the January 6 riots on Capitol Hill. The left-wing MeidasTouch PAC put out a social media video saying that the current GOP is no different than ISIS, while actor Sean Penn compared Trump supporters to al-Qaeda.

Last year, the actress praised the Black Lives Matter movement, even as its members rioted and looted in cities across the country.

In recent months, Sophia Bush has emerged as one of Hollywood’s most vocal left-wing activists, teaming up with Stacey Abrams in an effort to get out the minority vote for Democrats during Georgia’s runoff elections.

As Breitbart News reported, the actress called for the expulsion of Republican members of the Senate who said they intended to protest the results of the presidential election.


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  3. Way to go Socialist Sophia. You just named nearly every veteran and serving military member a terrorist. Those veterans and serving military members give the protection to be stupid. Dumb a$$!

    I think the appropriate terminology would be “Patriotic Right” and the Democrats can certainly now be called the Marxist Left.

    Please stick to your made for TV movies and redundant bit part acting jobs. Your relevance has ended, tic-tok…….. 15 minutes are up. Yawn…….. ZZZzzzzzzzzz

  4. Oh little Bitch. You want to be responsible for starting a Bloody CIVIL WAR

  5. Who cares what this call girl has to say? I might as well get the political opinion of an animal at the zoo.

  6. Some years back a popular televangelist would constantly preach about the “sins of the flesh.” Then, one night he was arrested in the company of a local street walker whom he’d been frequenting for some time. It’s the same with these people who constantly see racism everywhere. As it is said in Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”, “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.” We all see the world through the filters we have set up. So, what we see everywhere is the result of our underlying beliefs or filters we have accepted. The real problem comes when we want to forcefully impose those beliefs on to others assuming those beliefs are the only ones acceptable to everyone and everyone must accept them. If they don’t accept those beliefs then they must be eliminated in order to force a consensus on everyone else. Creativity occurs when ideas and dreams are freely discussed. Stagnation occurs with one point of view. As Eleanor Roosevelt aptly stated: “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.” In order to discuss ideas it is necessary to be allowed to think, to reason, to research and to accept others and their ideas. Hate, anger and fear do not allow ideas to be discussed.

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