World Economic Forum Declares ‘Jesus Is Fake News’ and ‘God Is Dead’

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Humans are “hackable animals without souls”, according to Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum, who have also declared that “Jesus is the original fake news” and that WEF leaders are “acquiring divine powers” of “creation and destruction.”

According to the WEF, a new one world religion has arrived and it unites all of humanity in worshiping at the altar of climate science, techno-communism and eugenics. God, Jesus and Christianity is “fake news” that must be dismissed by humanity.

If you find it hard to believe Klaus Schwab’s WEF would go this far, you clearly haven’t been paying attention to developments in recent times. The blasphemy doesn’t stop there. Klaus Schwab’s right hand man Yuval Noah Harari has announced that the WEF has been so successful in its plans that they will turn humans into gods. WATCH:

The WEF is also increasingly hostile to Christianity and major religions. If you read between the lines just a little, it’s clear the WEF is consciously attempting to supplant Jesus

According to the WEF, Jesus is fake news, God is dead, and you do not have a soul. You are a “hackable animal” who does not have the capacity for free will.

The World Economic Forum has spent decades quietly infiltrating democratically elected governments, penetrating cabinets and wielding an outsized influence on the world from the corridors of Schwab’s Swiss hideout in Davos.

These tyrants have now become arrogant and sure of their own success. They are no longer hiding in the shadows and pulling puppet strings from behind the curtain.

According to Schwab, it is his role to shape the “transformation” of the world in the current period. And unsurprisingly he admires the Chinese system of state control authoritarianism. WATCH:

With world leaders and cabinets firmly under their control, Western democracy has been decimated. Trudeau’s Canada has become a wasteland of authoritarian control. Jacinta Ardern’s New Zealand is arguably even more tightly controlled by the Davos technocrats.

Why should they respect us and our human and constitutional rights if they see us as “hackable animals” incapable of free thought?

Take a look at Brazil for a glimpse of the future. President Bolsonaro’s supporters are protesting what they claim to be a wildly unfair and corrupt election. WEF favorite Lula, who hasn’t even taken office yet, has already started enacting the Klaus Schwab playbook, freezing the bank accounts of protestors amid a chilling crackdown on freedom of speech and the right to protest peacefully.

First Canada, now Brazil. Next the United States?

French billionaire Philippe Argillier claims he has four databases that will expose 38 individuals who control the whole world and run the “shadow government”. Bill Gates, who needs no introduction, is one of those 38 un-elected individuals who control the daily lives of 8 billion people.

According to Argillier, he can prove the Biden administration takes direct orders from this shadow government. WATCH:

If you want a sneak peek of the future under this shadow government, it’s worth paying attention to Bill Gates’ latest announcement. Gates has a history of playing god. Robert F. Kennedy warned us about this trait in Gates’ psychology years ago.

According to Kennedy Jr, the World Health Organization is “conducting global social and medical experimentation” in accordance with the vision of their mega-donor Bill Gates and his “religious faith that he can use technology (vaccines and GMO agriculture) to make him the savior to all of humanity.”

Gates’ strategy of buying WHO [World Health Organization] and purchasing control of US health officials like Tony Fauci & Deborah Birx” means the Microsoft co-founder can now “dictate global health policies affecting 7 billion people and to control the most intimate details of our lives,” said Kennedy Jr. on his Instagram page.

Just last week Gates, in his role as false savior, was caught telling world leaders that it’s time for “death panels” to decide who has the right to live and die.

Of course Gates’s “death panels” have everything to do with the globalist elite’s obsession with depopulation. This is the brutal, soulless world Gates and the shadow government at the World Economic Forum are determined to roll out as part of their Great Reset. We can’t allow their evil religion to become the new normal.

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Forewarned is forearmed.

We are all in this together.


Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry is a writer at The People's Voice. He covers politics, business and entertainment. Speaking truth to power since he learned to talk, Baxter has travelled in over 80 countries and won arguments in every single one. Live without fear.
Baxter Dmitry


  1. What says the PedoPope?? Ohh, wait, he’s still sobbing about the mass murders the western fascists are producing in Ukri…

    • Only after you eat from the tree of Life in the centre of the Garden. Then they shall become as God’s like us.

      • Which I suspect is the pineal gland that they shrivel up using fluoride At your dentists and in your water. The pineal gland rules the entire endocrine system, ie regulates your whole body Your life. And it gives psychic powers as if God’s, so that’s why the nazis started using it on the prisoners in the holocaust So they would be compliant and strip off and line up and walk into the shower blocks like lambs to the slaughter.

          • No it isn’t. The pineal gland is like the antenna from this world to wherever our conscience actualkyvresudes.v. Thevthiysands if Mandela effects prove there is a Creator and these are still very much happening. Thousands of them now

        • There is probable truth to what you are saying about the Pineal gland. It may also act like a spiritual communications organ.
          The ancients from many different separate cultures talk about it.

      • It was the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil that was forbidden. Eating from it caused Adam and Eve to fall into sin. The Tree of Life was not forbidden, but they had not yet eaten from it, because if they had they would have lived forever. God wanted to redeem them from sin, but He couldn’t do that if they lived forever in their fallen condition. So he drove them out of the Garden, and “at the east of the Garden of Eden He stationed the cherubim, and the flaming sword which turned every direction, to guard the way to the Tree of Life” (Genesis 3:24).

          • If you don’t believe it something like this Irish, that is ok, but to openly mock is dangerous. One day you will realize you have been wrong all along and the more you have to repent for is not good. You should leave this subject alone, feel free not to believe it, but be careful mocking God. You will get a powerful slap to the face on day.

          • Lol uh oh here comes that human knows their peeeping god best lecture. Your dogma based claims are stupid just as the dogma is. So according to you hypocrites it’s follow the herd or else.

          • ok, Irish, lets not talk about this, I don’t want you to cause you to make the unforgiveable sin. I agree to disagree.

          • Unforgivable sin?wtf is that? Sin is yet another human construct to keep other humans in line thru fear. As is the god fear complex.if you were truly gifted by this voyeuristic alien with a brain, the ability to use reason would work.proof is all around that there is no god,yet the indoctrinated believers deny their own lying eyes.

          • oh dear, trolls are now perverts also. the fact that your brain is on drugs proves the commercial “a brain is a terrible thing to waste.

          • well iRISH, this is what these people do for themselves. By honoring something greater than themselves, it gives them a reason to do better. So instead of getting pegged by their gf’s like someone like yourself would.
            These people aspire to not succumb to the teachings of say , the transgendered goat. Try to not be a loser of
            a poser for a minute and see that you are that idiot we see in every movie that goes along to get along. These
            people will do more to keep life simple and sane than the dregs who have found their voice and are taking us down a road to destruction.. peace out ya little lady fingered bot

      • “us” more than one god? the fool gods tempted 2 stupid humans and got mad when they tried to gain some intellect from this tree. lol ,

    • When Lucifer sexed up Eve?
      DNA expert Dr. Karl-Hanz Wurzinger testified during the New Jersey case that T.M.’s twin daughters were fathered by two different men.

      Sure wasn’t an apple…FIRST LIE OF Jesus follow ers

        • Lol
          I give you Jewish facts from your Jewish bible.
          Did your gawd not support :
          Non sexual mutilation of children , both female and male
          Non sexual abuse of children, including child marriage, corporal punishment
          Gender equality?
          Fraud engendering Jewish false values more likely

  2. There is only one unforgiveable sin, and that is not honoring God, or recognizing him. They just screwed themselves royally. This is where hemorrhoid’s start coming out of them, they can’t sleep, have to take pharma drugs to make it thru the day. They they will die a painful death, then have to go see the King about what they have done with their past life.

  3. Oh God. Look wefz a stage show. They set them up, they pay them as actors in. Stage show The world is but a stage. They take the money It makes them rich
    Fact is the Pope declared the whole Christian god story to be a big lie way back at the Catholic council meeting in early 1960s When they dumped using the Triple Tiara and having a Coronation. That’s where it comes from. Really
    BTW Pope Franco entered Congress, on the 266 day of the year as the 266 Pope which 266 is the number of days for human gestation What were they birthing in America on that most historic day of this century?
    And after the dumped the Tiara SOMEHOW, it mysteriously found its way to America and is being stored in a cosy location close to the American Throne. Join the dots.
    It’s not rocket science Think like an 8 year old.

  4. These evil ones are about to be judged by The Almighty & they’ll so wish they hadn’t believed the fake news/lies that satan told them. God is real, the devil is real, heaven is real & hell is real. Don’t be deceived.

  5. These two look like egghead and mushroom head. What do they know about God? What they dreamed up in their egg/mushroom heads? God is “the” vibration, the Force that we should all be trying to rise to and emulate. If there were no God, they would not exist. Ego has control of their vampire brains. They will not rise when their day comes to leave this Earth. Praise God.

    • ” What do they know about God? ”
      These sheisters have been involved with “dog” since they invented him…and thru internecine warfare have been chasing anybody fleeing their fraud…they The last 2 centuries.

      online read, comprehend the Jewish gawd fraud

  6. Bloodlines posing as race hiding behind a false religion.
    Red, yellow, black, white. Jew
    One group human…
    The other?
    1. HoloHOAX/anti semitism (Shulamit Aloni admitted)
    2. Rothschild 5 trillion dollar secret project Is Ra Do
    3. Noachide Laws for humanities NON JEWS
    The only good Jxx…
    Is a DEAD one!

    • they really have a lot to answer for, yet wont allow any discussion.
      The truth shall set us all free would be a good start.

  7. For an outfit that deems Christianity a scam (WEF), it is pretty ironic that they copied the scare of hell fire in their Global Warming flimflam

  8. Jesus said the gates of hell will not prevail. Schwab & Harari and the other imps of satan are going down.

  9. They are partly right. Jesus is fake news, but God can’t be dead because he doesn’t exist. Satan doesn’t exist yet, but WEF is trying to get the job.

  10. While the WEF never actually tweeted this, in his book “Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind”, Dr. Yuval Noah Haran did say, “So, monotheism explains order, but is mystified by evil. Dualism explains evil, but is puzzled by order. There is one logical way of solving the riddle: to argue that there is a single omnipotent God who created the entire universe – and He’s evil. But nobody in history has had the stomach for such a belief.” The very foundation of the inaccurate quote are certainly there.

    • Lol disprove me…
      Can’t post links on this site…
      But that moron worshiping jews can be found.
      Judeo Christians serving the joos cause Jesus says so.

      “If you worship your enemy, you are defeated. If you adopt your enemy’s religion, you are enslaved. If you breed with your enemy, you are destroyed.” – King Polydoros of Sparta (reigned 741–665 BC)

      Public Law 102-14
      Jewish Talmudic N9achide Laws
      For AmeriKan NON JEWS

  11. Thank you for your brain dead 2 cents, Nazi spawn, Klaus Schwab.
    Make sure you look thoroughly through your faked climate data for your fake climate salvation.

    P.S. His pal Bill Gates is the blue screen of death.

  12. WEF leaders are “acquiring divine powers” of being complete buttholes.
    FY bungholes Schwab and Gates. You suck.

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