Israel, Not Russia, Meddling In US Elections Says Former CIA Officer

Fact checked

Israel has long been interfering in American politics and elections according to a former counter-terrorism specialist and military intelligence officer of the CIA

The former CIA officer also calims that US officials prefer to stay silent on the matter and incriminate Russia instead

It seems that Israel may just turn out to be part of last week’s story of the inept Democratic Party caucus in the state of Iowa.

Press TV reports: Philip Giraldi made the remarks in a recent article, headlined Is Pete Buttigieg the Israel Lobby Choice? , where he looked into an allegedly cyber warfare that recently hit Iowa and delayed the voting results of the primary caucus in the Midwestern state.

The results were published nearly 21 hours after Iowans cast their ballots, with officials blaming inconsistencies related to a new mobile app used for vote counting.

“Israel has been involved in American politics before, even if it is predictably never held accountable, and it has been suggested that Russiagate was really Israelgate based on what actually took place when shortly after the 2016 election,” Giraldi said.

“Israel may just turn out to be part of last week’s story of the astonishingly inept Democratic Party caucus in the state of Iowa,” he added. “The app that was developed to expedite Iowa’s voting …instead delayed the reporting of the results for nearly a week. It now appears that the app might be part of an operation being funded by Jewish billionaires with close ties to right wing Israeli settler groups who are opposed to Senator Bernie Sanders and supporting Mayor Peter Buttigieg.”

The former CIA official said the failed app that caused the problem was developed by a company called Shadow Inc., which was funded by billionaire Seth Klarman, who also is a major contributor to Pete Buttigieg’s campaign and also has been linked to former and current senior members of the intelligence community.

The Iowa Democratic Committee reported that the software that included the app was paid for by the Buttigieg campaign, “Pete for America Inc.”

Giraldi said the possible fraud or hack allowed Buttigieg to preemptively declare a predicted win on twitter even before any votes had been counted.

He further noted that the self-proclaimed victory had caused Buttigieg to abandon his commitment made last June that he would withhold aid from Israel if it were to seek to annex more of the occupied territories in West Bank.

“If Prime Minister Netanyahu makes good on his threat to annex West Bank settlements, he should know that a President Buttigieg would take steps to ensure that American taxpayers won’t help foot the bill,” Buttigieg said at the time.

Buttigieg took the lead among other rival candidates in Iowa’s caucuses last week.


  1. Israel is the creation of England Her baby Russia is the future inheritance since the Romaniffs were all Queen Victoria’s descendants

    • First, it is spelled Romanov, second, only 2 of Victoria’s descendents married Romanovs, and third, the Romanovs had been a dynasty that ruled Russia for almost 300 yrs when Victoria entered the picture and that was at the very end of their reign. The daughters of the last czar were descendents of Victoria, but none of them survived the murders of the Romanovs in 1917. So no they weren’t all descendents only 2 married into Romanov family and the descendents never ruled Russia or even lived past the age of about 18. Truth and accuracy is important in history otherwise it becomes nothing but misinformation and we learn nothing from the past.

  2. What no Russian collusion. No pro quid quo and illegal wiretaps. Who knows the truth anymore. As long as the demorats aren’t in power who cares.

  3. Anything to deflect from the truth..The Democrats are Satanist liars who cannot stand their days are done..

  4. My money is on Clinton. Her stooges were involved in this app development and she benefits from the resulting chaos. It also made ‘PeeWee Buttguage’ an instant 1st tier candidate challenger against Bernie, and has prevented him from running away with the primaries. Today’s ‘Drudge’ now reveals that ‘Mini Mike’ is considering her for VP?

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