Study: Men Giving up on Marriage Because ‘Women Aren’t Women Anymore’

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Men are giving up on women because women aren't women anymore, according to new study

Young men in the Western world are giving up on marriage because women don’t behave like women anymore, according to a new study by the Pew Research Centre

Since 1997, men’s positive attitude towards marriage has plummeted to an historic low of 29 percent. reports: The cause of the switch is speculated to be the strengthening of feminism and the feeling that a man’s place in the world is being diminished. Women are graduating from tertiary education in droves, they are outnumbering men in the workplace and still have a decided edge in the family court system when it comes to divorce and child custody. The rise of women as providers and decision-makers in the household has turned some men off married life.

Writer Suzanne Venker believes that modern feminism has created the issue that no longer allows men to feel like real men. Ladies increased independence and some of the older laws that were put in place to protect women in the event of divorce as they generally not the breadwinners (such as alimony) has created a shift in the balance between male and female partners in favor of the female.

She also believes that men feel attacked by current feminist ideals and that a culture of hatred towards men has also soured some from pursuing marriage. She notes that online men’s groups have emerged that promote the option of avoiding any kind of relationship. As for sex, there are multiple ideas with some opting to never have sex again to those who opt for promiscuity.

The Pew Centre revealed that about half of the adults in the US are currently married and that the age of men and women getting married for the first time has risen for both genders.

The decline in young marriages (those 18 to 29) by 32 percent from the 1960s to today is at least partly explainable by the aforementioned increases of females in higher education and in the workplaces. Many modern fathers and mothers advise their daughters to complete their education and establish a career before sorting their personal lives. Travel is also a highly desirable experience young females look for in their twenties.

These distractions can add to lengthening marriage and childbearing ages. Some additionally blame the much debated Millennial mindset that is considered by the older generations to be self-focused. Interestingly, while Millennial’s don’t have a high opinion of marriage, they have determined good parenting is a much more important aspect of life. Marriage and parenthood don’t necessarily go hand in hand for Millenials, and this could be partially explained by the high divorce rates their parents suffered.

Venker believes that now women are achieving without their male counterparts, it spells doom for the future of marriage, as men are not allowed to fulfill what is in their nature- heading a household by providing and protecting wives and children. Marriage rates are soon expected to dip below the half mark.


  1. The study doesn’t say what the headline does – or much beyond the obvious – but women are nothing like as nice as they used to be. In fact they are positively horrible on some occasions. And misguided in their confidence and presumed ability; if men left the workforce out of disgust (which they may well do once their goodwill is exhausted) the system would fall apart and they would end up very frightened indeed.

  2. I figured that out 50 years ago. The downward spiral started back in the 60’s. I don’t regret my decision not to marry. I’ve managed to avoid the drama and financial ruin that it brings you.

  3. God created Man and Woman.
    Too few believe that.

    Without God Man will be left all alone to his own destruction.
    “We the People” are all that is standing in the way of the final act of self destruction.

    By the way, it may have already been initiated with Fukushima in March 2011.
    We are only 8 years into it and the radiation levels will be increasing for the next 250,000 years with a forecast of lethal levels reached for the entire Earth in 273 years.

    Let’s not go there because if it is not in the news then it must not be a concern.

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