French Govt ‘Recommend’ People Start Wearing Face Masks Again, Considers Another Mandate

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French government officials have started to “invite” or “recommended” that people to go back to wearing face masks as the number of covid cases starts to rise.

They managed to stop short of renewing restrictions that would not only revive anti-government protests but scare visitors away during this years booming holiday season.

As tourists and many citizens welcome their new ‘freedoms’, others are concerned that prevention measures may be needed. Face mask mandates on public transport were only dropped on 16 May.

Breitbart reports: Virus-related hospitalizations rose quickly in France over the past two weeks, with nearly 1,000 patients with COVID-19 hospitalized per day, according to government data. Infections are also rising across Europe and the United States, but France has an exceptionally high proportion of people in hospital, according to Our World in Data estimates.

French government spokesperson Olivia Gregoire has said there are no plans to reintroduce national regulations that limit or set conditions for gathering indoors and other activities.

“The French people are sick of restrictions,” she said Wednesday on channel BFMTV. “We are confident that people will behave responsibly.”

France’s parliamentary elections last month resulted in President Emmanuel Macron losing his majority in the national legislature, while parties on the far right and the far left that had protested his government’s earlier vaccine and mask rules gained seats.

After the prime minister this week recommended that people resume wearing masks on public transportation, commuter Raphaelle Vertaldi said, “We need to deal with the virus, but we can’t stop living because of it.”

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