Putin Bans All American Corn And Soybeans Amid Russian GMO War

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Putin bans American GMO soybeans and corn

Putin has announced plans to ban soybeans and corn imports into Russia from the United States over possible GMO contamination. 

Russia’s food safety watchdog say that the contaminated products risk affecting food safety in Russia and could adversely affect other Eurasian Economic Union members.

RT.com reports:

The Russian agency says it notified US authorities on Monday to halt exports of corn contaminated with dry rot to Russia.

The agency cites health reasons for the measures “especially in conditions of import replacement of quarantined goods.”

The possible cost of the quarantined goods to Russia is about 10 to 15 billion rubles ($125 million-$188 million), according to the watchdog.

Russian officials say they plan to discuss the problem with the US. Depending on the results, the regulator may introduce temporary restrictions on supplies of corn and soybeans from America.

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