Video: Baltimore Road Swallowed Up By Sinkhole

Fact checked

Watch the moment onlookers scream as  a road full of cars, trees and lamp posts disappears in front of their eyes into a sinkhole.

The Express reports:

The video, shot in Baltimore, begins with people gathering round a row of at least 10 cars that are teetering on the edge of a street.

Onlookers are then left screaming as the stretch of cars along with trees and lamposts are engulfed in the space of a few seconds.

ToddTesla YouTube video:

The cars fell onto nearby train tracks and nobody was injured.

The landslide followed a period of heavy rain in Baltimore.

Baltimore is the largest city in the US state of Maryland, and the 26th-most populous city in the country.

The video was published in May 2014.

The US has recently been battered by a snow storm, Storm Jonas, which shut down New York and Washington and killed 11 people.

The storms caused havoc in the country; 11 stated declared a state of emergency and thousands of flights had to be cancelled.

Britons are also bracing themselves as the remnants of the ‘storm of the century’ is currently hitting the UK.

The army has been put on standby as swathes of the country brace for up to eight inches of rain – a month’s worth – in just 48 hours.


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