Fauci: If The Purpose Of China’s Lockdown Is To Get Everyone Vaccinated “Then OK”

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Dr. Fauci has claimed that if China was vaccinating its people, their draconian lockdown would be okay.

His comments on Monday came as anti lockdown protests have spread across the country.

The protests started after fire broke out in a building in in Urumqi, Xinjiang, and citizens were trapped inside due to strict Covid policies.

As residents burned to death, others could only stand by their windows to watch, because everyone was locked at home. Fire fighters were even delayed by the lockdown measures.

None the less Fauci said he believes that lockdowns are okay so long as there is a “purpose.”

During CNN’s “The Lead with Jake Tapper, he said “If the purpose is ‘let’s get all the people vaccinated, particularly the elderly,’ then okay,” he said.

He did admit however that China’s approach has been “rather draconian” and added that China needed to communicate a clear reason to the population for having lockdowns.

“You should do it with a purpose in mind to allow you to open. And the best purpose is, while you’re shutting down, get as many people vaccinated as you possibly can with a good vaccine.”

Fauci also said that China has the option to seek vaccines available in the US, such as Pfizer, but Beijing refuses to use them.

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