Customers #BoycottTesco Over Supermarket’s Christmas Ad Featuring Santa With Vaccine Passport

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Santa Tesco

This years Christmas ad by British supermarket giant Tesco has been causing a stir.

The supermarket, which is promoting the use of vaccine passports, is accused of using vile propaganda as well as supporting discrimination after they featured a fully jabbed Santa Claus proving his vaccine status in this years festive ad.

‘Never again will me or my family shop with you. Disgusting propaganda,’ one woman told the supermarket

Tesco decided that nothing would get in the way of Christmas this year, after last year’s Covid restrictions and so they included Santa producing proof of his vaccine status as he enters the country.

But the ad has lead to calls for people to boycott the supermarket with #BoycottTesco trending on twitter.

Breitbart reports: Set to the tune of Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now, the Tesco Christmas ad features a hyper-diverse cast of characters rushing around to make preparations for the Christian holiday.

At one point the festivities are interrupted by a “Breaking News” announcement warning that “Santa could be quarantined”, but the crisis is averted and Christmas is saved when Santa Claus presents a vaccine passport to border officials, spurring raucous applause.

“This Christmas, nothing’s stopping us,” the advertisement proclaims.

Explaining the rationale behind the marketing campaign, Tesco’s Chief Customer Officer, Alessandra Bellini, said that the company’s research found that the British public “won’t let anything stop them” from celebrating Christmas this year.

“This got us thinking about all the little things that have the potential to get in our way — from running out of mince pies to running late to a Christmas party — and the nation’s determined spirit that ensures we’ll overcome them all.

“We hope our joyful festive ad will resonate and put a smile on people’s faces as we prepare for a season of well-deserved celebrations. Afterall, this Christmas, nothing’s stopping us.”

The ad may be a touch hopeful, however, as government ministers have suggested that another Christmas lockdown could be on the cards if vaccine booster shot uptake is not to its liking.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government promised last year that it would ease lockdown restrictions for the holiday, yet ultimately caved to pressure and kept restrictions in place throughout much of England during Christmas.

Tesco’s treatment of Father Christmas was perhaps not as harsh as an advertisement from Britain’s socialised healthcare system last year, however, in which he was seen lying on a hospital bed struggling to breathe, presumably after contracting the Wuhan virus.