UK Burger King To Serve Beer With Its Whopper

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For the first time ever it is possible to order a beer with a meal at Burger King UK.

The fast food giant has been granted a license by Lambeth Council to serve alcohol at its branch in Waterloo Station and may ask permission to introduce booze alongside its traditional food nationwide.

Metro reports:

The BK in Waterloo Station will be the first branch to get a touch more alcoholic, following approval from Lambeth Council.

It’s the first time a fast food restaurant in the UK has been allowed to sell alcohol, and we’re all VERY excited.

No longer will Burger King be just a stop for fries on our Friday night path of drunkness. Now we can just skip the pre-drinks and pubs and head straight for the burgers and bevvies. Hooray.

Sadly we won’t be able to get hammered in Burger King at all hours of the day. The restaurant does have to abide by some rules.


The only alcoholic beverage that will be sold – for now – is beer. And it can only be served between 11am and 8pm. So no late night trips. Sad times.

The beer also needs to have an alcohol content of below 5%. It must also be drank on the premises.

Burger King also won’t be able to expand their alcohol plans any time soon. They were recently turned down when they asked to sell beers at their Victoria and Paddington branches, after police raised concerns.


So no, Burger King won’t be your new spot to get hammered. But you can now combine pre-drinks and stomach-lining in one handy pre-pub trip. Rejoice.

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