Rob Reiner: ‘Trump Thinks He Can Win With Only Racists’

Fact checked
Rob Reiner says President Donald Trump thinks he can win only with racists

Hollywood director Rob Reiner has predicted that President Trump will “lose big” in November because he’s only counting on the support of racists.

“Trump thinks he can win with only racists,” Rob Reiner baselessly declared.

“Yes there are a lot of racists in this country. But the vast majority of US are loving inclusive people. He will lose. He will lose big.” reports: Reiner has long expressed his view that every single one of Trump’s supporters are racist, presumably including the millions that come from minority backgrounds. Last week, the Bucket List director said that November’s election will be an opportunity to learn how many racists are living in the United States.

“Trump is a stone-cold racist who is running his campaign as a proud White Supremacist,” Reiner wrote. “On [November 3rd] we will find out how many racists live in America.”

Reiner was perhaps never more clear than he was last July when he said “The President of the United States is a racist. He’s made it abundantly clear his re-election is based on white nationalism. If you support him, there can be no distinction between you being a racist and a racist enabler. They are the same.”

Despite stiff competition, the Stand By Me director has cast himself as one of Hollywood’s most unhinged critics of the Trump presidency. Although there are too many bizarre outbursts to list, some of his most extraordinary comments include claims that American democracy is on the brink of collapse, Democrats should physically assault Trump, and that Trump’s re-election platform is to kill as many Americans as possible.


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