“You Have No Rights When It Comes To The Vaccine” Says Geraldo Rivera

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Geraldo Rivera

Fox News correspondent Geraldo Rivera told viewers that that they have no rights when it comes to the covid vaccine.

Rivera’s comments were made during a discussion hosts Sean Hannity and Dan Bongino about Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and the backlash he endured after lying about his vaccine status.

Rivera thought the backlash was appropriate and also pushed back against people lying about their vaccination status.

Rodgers has now clarified that that he is allergic to an ingredient in the Covid jab and was actually following federal guidelines by foregoing the vaccine.

Summit News reports: Rivera said there should be “no accommodation” when it comes to COVID vaccines, saying everyone should be mandated to take it, adding “I despise vaccinated people who are smug in their protection who urge unvaccinated people to exercise their freedoms.”

Fellow host Dan Bongino told Rivera “That’s what tyrants say,” explaining “Aaron Rodgers doesn’t owe anyone an apology. Whether he chooses to disclose his immunization status isn’t anyone’s business.”

“We’re throwing the constitution out for a virus with an over 90 percent survival rate. If that isn’t the road to tyranny then I don’t know what it is,” Bongino continued.

“The constitution is not a suggestion, it’s our founding document. You see how it all gets thrown out the window when we go down a slippery slope,” Boningo further urged.

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