Ukraine Military to Start Committing War Crimes: “We’ll Slaughter Innocent Russians Like Pigs”

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Ukraine military say they will start slaughtering innocent Russians like pigs

Ukraine’s Special Operations Command announced Thursday that Russians who try to surrender will be “slaughtered like pigs” while they beg for their lives.

Ukraine’s special operations command wrote the following on Facebook:

The SSO Brotherhood of Ukraine sends its greetings to the Russian artillery! We congratulate you: after you bombarded our peaceful cities, our relatives, children, loved ones – you, worms, became our number one target. We explain to you, Vanki: you seem to be far away and shoot at targets you can’t see. You don’t see little children, old people, homes, kindergartens, schools and hospitals – all these are just goals for you. Pressed, flew, got hit – f*cked, right guys? Now look, worms: you don’t see your goals and you seem to be relieved. But believe me: it will never be easier for you scum. We already have the information about you. And if it is not for someone else, then it is a matter of minutes. From now on, there will be no more captured Russian artillery. No mercy, no “please don’t kill, I surrender” will be getting away. Every calculation, no matter: commander, driver, guide, charger – will be slaughtered like pigs. Tie your pants up, we’ve already come for you. Call your mom one last time. Say you gonna die soon jackal. We are not death, we are worse!

The post is still live (though they have since edited their post after publication of this article – see archived version here):

InformationLiberation reports: Remember how Facebook banned a ton of right-wing “extremists” and labelled them “dangerous individuals” for their politically protected speech?

The Ukrainian military is allowed to announce their plans to commit war crimes.

Facebook even manually removed the “neo-Nazi” Azov Battalion group from their “dangerous individuals and organizations” list just last week so they could be showered with praise.


  1. In Germany they were the OSS all Catholic now its the SSO against Russias Orthodox They crushed Greece thoroughly and now its Russias turn. They’ve hated the Orthodox, I think really even MORE, than the Jews for centuries. Of course true Catholics know that they are the only religion and every other relugion is really heathen pigs and spawn of Satan. Naturally. But you know they trained to conceal their true feelings and smile tolerant ly at everyone and act as if they’re just so loving.

    • You’re simply babbling. The Communists tried to crush Greece, and the Russian soviet regime co-opted the Russian Orthodox Church during Stalin’s reign. Germany has long had an orthodox population and have lived in peace with the rest of Germans.

  2. “We’ll Slaughter Innocent Russians Like Pigs”

    UH, yes but that’s what the Nazis from Kiev have been doing and that’s why the Russian military is in Ukraine.

    • The Russian military is in Ukraine because Putin is engaged in self-aggrandizing operations. he wants Ukraine so he he can move to other countries that were part of the Soviet union, then go into those the Soviet Union gave orders to.

      Ukraine sits at the southern end of the Russian wheat belt, and the most productive part at that.

      The Ukrainians did not say they would slaughter “innocent Russians” but those that have been responsible for the indiscriminate shelling of towns and cities. Those are not “innocent” in the least. The statement is a gross, and intentional, distortion of what Ukrainian SOF said.

      • I don’t know the intentions of Putin. I doubt you do. Generally speaking Putin says what he means. He has said he has no designs on a greater Russia and that further militarization, Nazification and NATO missile bases on Ukraine would not be allowed. Washington forged ahead. Apparently Putin meant it. This is in stark contrast to many of our leaders. Thanks.

        • If you pay attention to what he has said over the years, his intentions can be gleaned. Putin has consistently lied about Ukraine since he stole Crimea in 2014. He has already given the lie to his statement that he doesn’t seek a greater Russia. Putin has already let it slip that he intends to take and occupy all of Ukraine. His next target is Moldova which has been neutral. You can’t be neutral in this conflict. Putin will not allow it.

          There has been no Nazification of Ukraine, nor are there NATO missile bases in Ukraine. Putin has done one thing consistently. Lie. Ukraine has the right to establish an effective military and choose its own path. Russia does not have the right to run over other people just because they don’t make the choices he orders them to.

          You can stay on the path of ignorance if you like, but all you people do is apologize and defend the indefensible. Putin is a fascist and does what he can to keep his oligarchs happy. The Oligarchs are starting to complain, as are business men. One, who is now in the US, has put a million dollar price on Putin’s head. As things go on, I expect that p[rice to rise. As the oligarchs lose significant money and properties because of Putin’s stupidity, he will find himself in a corner. A corner that he only one way out of. A 9mm brain hemorrhage becomes more and more likely.

          • RUSSIA BUILT the enconomics of the ukraine when they broke away they opened season on themself just as would happen if texas was over taken by trump and broke away or if mexico tryed to take back texas or cally,He is feeding his people has never nuked anyone in all his years in office to disrupt his leadership is just asking to get nuked and he still can and will if he has to the feed and house his people or they WOULD KILL HIM if he didn`t

          • Russia kept Ukraine suppressed. Russia recognized the independence of Ukraine. Putin is doing little beyond impoverishing his people. The man is an unreconstructed soviet, and there is no such thing as former KGB. The Russian people are suffering, once more, under a fascist regime.

            Your sorry attempt at analogy do not work. Russia recognized the independence of ukraine.

          • putin is the best thing that has happened over there for years just ask his people.He has nuked no one and he could have for ages now so he is a proven peace keeper.ONLY part of the UKRAINE is fighting him over 60% love him if we ship billions over there on tax payers backs we will build a blood bath for the 1% war lobby running the world and our goverment.You just try to break away from america dude and see what happens like SNOW DEN DID WTF happened to him.He called me once and I told him to shut up and he would`nt now he has no real country is wanted here and would also be shot by his own

          • Putin is impoverishing his people. Living standards have fallen for the last 10 years as Putin tries to up his military game so he can invade other parts of the post-soviet space. His regime has become far more repressive and freedom has disappeared again.

  3. is this where the Aliens come and bring peace to the world? hmmm? Is that what is going to happen? hmmm? they are going to come, and we will all hold hands and see what nonsense this has all been, and the wonderful aliens will take care of it all, because they are so much smarter than us? hmmm? Right when they are about to push the big red button? hmmm?

  4. BOMBS will fall than and until their ground forces WAVE THE FN WHITE FLAG-the break away state is costing us billions at the pump and everything will now sky rocket as they disrupt the fuel food and gas to china which drives the world market REAGAN GOONs flucted tup and sent our national securitys into a nose dive

    • The only break-aways are the statelets of the Donbas. You might want to actually learn about something before you post about it.

      • they broke away and as the rich state run by the UK- russia/china enconomical complex has a broken supply chain.You should wake up putin has been in place forever and zero nuke strikes to remove him is to have loose nukes everywhere and everyone there hates the USA.GO to WAR school before you get brain washed into war drumming DUM DUM and get US NUKED

        • Russia broke them away. You apparently, pay little attention to what is going on. After Putin intervened in the Donbas, he kept troops stationed there. he shelled Ukraine and parts of the Donbas he controlled. Just before he restarted the invasion of Ukraine, he staged numerous false flags in a transparent attempt to cover himself with lies.

          Your post is incoherent.

  5. Wanna try again? Russian artillery has been shelling towns and cities indiscriminately. The Ukrainians have every right to kill them in the same way.

    • YOU don`t know WTF is going on over there-they are a occupational ground force whom will take back the govermental control.Where as america bombs everyone to bits since forever and acts like they didn`t do it.Control only comes from the ground and russia has occupied KAZAKHSTAN for weeks now total new black out by american/china/russian proxy in K-zak.Russia is taking control back just as they did in K-zak.It is not a invasion it is a occupational battle or they would just bomb them to bits as the good old USA does since WW-I

      • It’s an invasion to anyone that is not so stupid as to need a handler. It is Putin’s intent to take back a country whose independence his own regime recognized as independent.

    • WAVE THE WHITE FLAG no blood needs to spill leave later if you don`t like russia taking back thier country they won`t stop them.GO the fluct over there and die than blow hard just don`t drum us into a nuke battle dumtassy

    • the ukraine males are being forced to stay fight and die fighting thier own brothers the russians which are also being forced to kill.The russians are taking back the goverment BLDGs and city they are not engageing towns homes or anyone who doesn`t engage them.It is not a american blanket bombing,Your media info is coming from the UK run american media in which the common wealth owns 98% of so they are slanting the news to thier agenda,YOU HAVE ZERo rights on either SIDE YOU ARE FORCED to fight can`t leave or be shot-than is no freedom and it sure an`t worth dieing for just more depopulation and war purse money for the 1% killing off the poor/Maybe upgrade and push the button your self? puppet

      • If Putin saw Ukrainians as brothers, he would not treat them as he is doing now. All Russia has ever done is repress Ukrainians and stab them in the back, as he is doing now.

        • He’s liberating them. Ukraine is bombing their own people. Putin is feeding them.

          Get a clue, Doofus.

          • Russians don’t liberate. Their nature is to conquer. Putin have lied about everything when it comes to Ukraine, and he won’t be leaving.

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