Two Premier League Matches Halted Due to Sudden Cardiac Arrest & Fainting Incidents

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Two Premier League football matches halted due to heart related incidents

Two Premier League matches between Watford and Chelsea and Southampton and Leicester were halted on Wednesday night due to sudden heart-related medical emergencies, according to reports.

The game between Watford and Chelsea was suspended after a fan suffered a cardiac arrest during the first half.

Both clubs shared messages of support for the fan who had fallen ill.

Dozens of Athletes Are Dropping Like Flies and Nobody’s Allowed To Ask Why reports: Elsewhere, the second half of the match between Southampton and Leicester at St. Mary’s was delayed by around 15 minutes after a supporter was taken ill.

The fan had collapsed during the interval but the issue was not said to be a cardiac arrest. The person received treatment inside the stadium before being taken to hospital.

Earlier this season the game between Newcastle United and Tottenham was delayed when Magpies fan Alan George Smith collapsed in the stands during the first half.

Players were praised for their quick-thinking actions by alerting the referee and ordering medical staff to attend the incident.

Fellow supporters were also hailed as “heroes” for stepping in and helping to apply CPR. Smith, 80, has since been discharged from hospital.