Senator Cory Booker Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Gay Man

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Corey Booker faces sexual assault allegations from gay man

Democratic Senator Cory “Spartacus” Booker has been accused of sexually assaulting a man, after an anonymous gay liberal released a disturbing account of a 2014 incident.

The man claims Booker came to his workplace, cornered him in the men’s restroom and proceeded to sexually assault him.

“He put his left hand on my groin, over my jeans and began to rub,” before violently pushing the man down on his knees, demanding he perform oral sex on him.

The man says he “pulled away quite violently” and ordered Booker to leave. reports: The young man is a gay man and Democrat. The man tells a very detailed analysis on what took place at his work.

The man says he reached out to Ronan Farrow but the #MeToo reporter did not show much interest in his story.

The Gateway Pundit reached out to his attorney and we have have her response below.

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The Gateway Pundit reached out to Civil Rights Lawyer Harmeet Dhillon. Harmeet is very tight-lipped about what she knows at this point.

Harmeet did tell The Gateway Pundit — The man is considering the situation and has no further comment at this time.

Obviously, we will provide updates to this story as it develops.


  1. Now we have a reference to what “Dooficus” was talking about when he urged his listeners to “get in their face”.

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