Berkeley Prof. Caught on Camera Telling Students White People are ‘Villains That Need To Be Abolished’

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A Berkeley professor has been caught on camera lecturing about the abolishment of “whiteness” and “white people,” as further evidence emerges that liberal arts degrees are designed to destroy our society through the implementation of cultural marxism and critical race theory.

Professor Zeus Leonardo, an associate dean at Berkeley’s Graduate School of Education, thinks racial justice might mean abolishing white people.

To abolish whiteness is to abolish white people. That’s very uncomfortable perhaps, but it asks about our definitions of what race is and what racial justice might mean.”

He claims that white people are committed to being villains.

Can you imagine if we said this about black people? He’s inciting people to violence and is promoting hatred.

KATV report: Christopher Rufo, a Manhattan Institute senior fellow and director of the institute’s initiative on “critical race theory,” argued such language about the abolishment of “whiteness” and white people “should be stigmatized, not subsidized by taxpayers.

The public university system has been corrupted by ideologues who pursue far-left activism, not genuine knowledge. We need deep structural reforms to turn it around,” Rufo said in a tweet about Leonardo’s rhetoric.

Leonardo has a history of publishing research on “whiteness,” and in his discussions about race, Leonardo has made other statements about white people that have drawn criticism.

During a virtual discussion, a video of which surfaced in October, Leonardo suggested reading for students arguing white people are not actually born white, but rather “abused” and “bullied” into becoming white by their white caretakers and guardians.

Leonardo admitted the idea proposed in the book was “provocative” during the virtual discussion, but nonetheless, he suggested it.

In whiteness studies, whiteness is the problem to be posed, if not also solved,” Leonardo told students last year at George Washington University’s Graduate School of Education and Human Development.

Critics of Rufo and others working to keep so-called “critical race theory” from being taught in classrooms argue the theoretical framework is not something actually being taught in schools the way people say it is.

But Rufo challenged such assertions, arguing Leonardo’s comments are just that – “critical race theory.

Rufo highlighted parts of Leonardo’s biography indicating he is a faculty member with Berkeley’s “Critical Theory Designated Emphasis,” a group that is part of Berkeley’s program in “critical theory,” to argue his point.

Furthermore, Rufo also pointed to an essay published by Leonardo titled “Critical Social Theory and Transformative Knowledge,” to support his assertion, as well as phrasing in Leonardo’s biography stating, “in particular, he engages critical theories to inform his analysis of the relationship between schooling and social relations, such as race, class, culture, and gender.

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  1. Race and gender are social constructs, unless you’re white, then you’re only white and the embodiment of pure evil.
    But hey, thanks for the great country where I can spew all this nonsense without consequence.

    • Its called Free Speech, apparently some people still have it… Something tells me this hate speech won;t be banned from twitter like a doctor analyzing a failed “vaccine” is…

  2. We need to split this country up, multi-race societies are a failure, the blacks can have their own piece to completely destroy and they should never be allowed in the white portion again. Its the only way to avoid their victimhood!

  3. White people are apparently a minority group and so need protection from the law now. It seems that the non white people are becoming evil. But in the past, specifically since the ROMAN empire, then yes white people were evil, and when the remnants of the Roman Empire moved from Venice to London creating the British Empire, then the evil of the white British nationals did become at its worst as barbarians plundering the earth killing murdering butchering to acquire the empire the sun never set on.
    Yes That is true of the white British imperialists.
    But not white people per se. No. To paint them all equal is total racism and is unjustified and evil.

  4. Professors are parasites. The US education system needs eradication from preschool to doctorate. Absolutely infected to the bone with cultural Marxism. It’s not redeemable. It needs rebuilding from scratch.

  5. So, abolish white people, tell us our culture is inherit and evil. Tell us we are abused by our parents etc. SO, is blackness because black people are abused into buying into the race card?? This is crap. All I can say, is this is garbage.

  6. This creep is “associate dean at Berkeley’s Graduate School of Education”; he is indoctrinating the next generation of teachers to think this way. So it’s no surprise that teachers have been showing more and more signs of anti-white and anti-Christian hatred in recent years, from the teacher in Texas a couple of weeks back to said that “conservative Christians should all die of COVID”, to the teacher in MA who showed up to a BLM rally with a “white people suck” sign, to the self-declared “science teacher” who was caught on camera shouting “go kill yourselves” to those in an anti-lockdown protest in Nevada. “schools of education” have become indoctrination centers for indoctrinators.

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    • killing their president opened season on the mareican public by over lord proxy TIC TIC When they get thier act togather by defeating ROCKY old fellowSS marica is a ice land wasteland again with zero GNP

  7. substitute the word white with black in his statement… then watch media heads explodes as they cry out ” fascist supremacist “

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