British Royal Family’s Support For Hitler Exposed In Released Documents

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Winston Churchill covered up the documents fearing the British people would overthrow the Royal Family if they found out the truth.

Britain’s wartime Prime Minister Winston Churchill covered up proof that King Edward VIII supported Hitler and the Nazis out of fear the British people would rise up against the establishment, overthrow the Royal Family, and launch a full-scale revolution if they were told the truth. 

The documents, which have been released after 75 years by the British National Archives in Kew, West London, reveal that King Edward VIII was in regular communication with Adolf Hitler, and was plotting the future of the United Kingdom under Nazi rule.

King Edward VIII abdicated from the throne in 1936 so he could marry American divorceé Wallis Simpson, which was strictly prohibited for a ruling king – and the newly released documents show that he was willing to collude with Hitler to regain the throne.

Prime Minister Winston Churchill concealed the documents, warning colleagues that they would “bring down the House of Windsor” should the information become public knowledge.

Daily Mail reports: The wartime prime minister attempted to have the papers blocked for 20 years thinking that the truth would scandalize the nation with the suggestion that the Duke was colluding with the Nazis.But American academics fought for the files to be published, which they were in 1957 after 12 years of delay by the British.

The intercepted telegrams highlighted the former King Edward VIII’s Nazi leanings and his willingness to deal with the Hitler regime to win back the throne.

Queen Elizabeth’s uncle, former King Edward VIII, colluded with Hitler to plot the future of the United Kingdom under Nazi rule.

They documented the wartime activities of the Duke and his wife, the American divorcee Wallis Simpson, and the couple’s links to the German dictator. The latest declassified files now reveal Churchill’s attempts to block the first set of documents.

The Duke and Mrs. Simpson had been living in Paris, but after the fall of France in 1940, the couple moved briefly to Spain and Portugal.

While there, their unguarded comments were recorded by Nazi sympathizers, who sent the material to Berlin, where Hitler pored over them.The conversations revealed that the Duke was angered at being forced to abdicate the throne in 1936 so he could marry Mrs. Simpson.

He believed only the continued heavy bombing of British cities would bring the United Kingdom to the negotiating table.

Hitler and his foreign minister, Joachim von Ribbentrop, became convinced that Edward was willing to be installed as the puppet king of Britain.

They contrived an elaborate plot – codenamed Operation Willi – to tempt the couple to Spain to wait for the Germans to invade the UK before putting the Duke back on the throne.

Within days of the Duke and Mrs. Simpson’s arrival in Madrid, German diplomats were working with their Spanish allies to try to convince the former king to remain in Spain.

The couple was offered a small fortune and a palace in Ronda in southern Spain to sit out the war.The Duke notified Churchill, who ordered that he be moved to neighboring Portugal.

According to German diplomats, the Duke was seen as ‘the only Englishman with whom Hitler would negotiate any peace terms, the logical director of England’s destiny after the war’.

Winston Churchill feared the British public would rise up and overthrow the establishment if they found out the Royal Family had ties to Adolf Hitler’s Nazi regime.

Hitler ordered his spy chief, Walter Schellenberg, to travel to Lisbon to entice – or if necessary kidnap – the Windsors. The Germans recorded their every word and noted their movements and gestures, the files reveal.

According to their notes, the Duke considered his younger brother, King George VI, ‘utterly stupid’, the Queen an intriguer and Churchill a warmonger.

The Nazis at one point even tried to convince the couple that Churchill would order their assassination in the Bahamas. Hitler’s plot came to nothing, but when he was shown the dossier after the war, Churchill immediately insisted that it should be destroyed as he feared it would damage the monarchy.

The documents just released show Churchill tried to delay the dossier’s publication for up to 20 years in case they damaged the Duke’s reputation and raised doubts about his loyalty.

The documents just released show Churchill tried to delay the dossier’s publication for up to 20 years in case they damaged the Duke’s reputation and raised doubts about his loyalty.

In 1953 he even wrote to US President Dwight Eisenhower, appealing to his sense of ‘justice and chivalry’ to prohibit their release for another ten or 20 years.’

If they were to be included in an official publication they might leave the impression that the Duke was in close touch with German agents and was listening to suggestions that were disloyal,’ he wrote.

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