There Is No Evidence The Government Is Covering Up Vaccine Deaths, Despite Robert F. Kennedy, Jr’s Claims

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The government is covering up vaccine deaths in order to protect pharmaceutical companies, according to Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

UPDATE: Since this article was first published it has been updated with more accurate information regarding the opinions expressed by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. The original article included a claim the government is “covering up vaccine deaths … in order to protect pharmaceutical companies.” This is inaccurate. There is no evidence to prove the government is covering up vaccine deaths, regardless of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s claims to the contrary.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. authored an article which was posted here that claimed the government is withholding information from the public about vaccines — and covering up vaccine deaths — in order to protect pharmaceutical company profits. However Kennedy, Jr. misrepresented a key source in order to make his false claim.

In the article, Kennedy Jr states that “”[It] is nearly impossible to categorize post-vaccine deaths as vaccine-related. This is because the revised [AEFI] algorithm does not allow users to classify an AEFI as “consistent with causal association with vaccine” unless there is evidence showing that the vaccine caused a statistically significant increase in deaths during Phase III clinical trials.”

However, Kennedy Jr’s claim is inaccurate and misrepresents the source.

As write:

The World Health Organization’s AEFI algorithm does allow for post-vaccine deaths to be recorded and investigated for a potential vaccine link even after clinical trials have been completed. A “statistically significant increase in deaths during Phase III clinical trials” is not a prerequisite as the article claims.

Furthermore, Kennedy Jr’s example of India as a country that has many AEFIs categorized as “unclassifiable” does not necessarily provide evidence of a cover-up.

India is a developing economy with a healthcare system to match. Rather than representing an attempt by the government to obscure the cause of post-vaccine deaths, the “unclassifiable” label is is indicative of the current state of the healthcare system in India.

Physicians and scientists who reviewed Kennedy Jr.’s claims found them be inaccurate and misleading in several ways, according to

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