Is There a Planned Staged Obama Coup Ready To Begin? 3 Mind Blowing Videos

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The Plotted Obama Coup?

Whispers among different media outlets for the past three or four months have been that something has happened within the White House under President Obama that is “unfixable”, irreversible, and it is so bad that Obama could be removed from office because of it (click here [1] and here [2] to read two related articles about this from earlier this year)

Adding more fuel to this fire is a brand new article by a journalist who goes by the name “Live Free or Die”.  In the article, titled “Obama Coup Already In Play? ‘O’s Time In Office Coming To An Abrupt End?” [3], Live Free or Die has posted some intriguing videos that raise more questions than answers.  But perhaps the questions are ones the public needs to ask?

What do you think?  Is it possible that the US Military would try to overthrow Obama?  Do you believe he is just a pawn in a game like many claim – or do you feel that there is something deeper happening?  Live Free or Die reports:

As the three videos below clearly point out, the removal of Barack Obama from office in a staged-coup may already be in play.  This thread points out each of these videos from the past several months issue warnings that Barack Obama’s time in office may soon be coming to an abrupt end.

Obama Coup
President Barack Obama gives his State of The Union address in 2013


Will a staged race war in America lead to a staged military coup in the near future?

In this 1st video, beginning at the 50 minute mark Dr. Jim Willie speculates that Obama may have already been told his time in office is up, leading to great stress, isolation and boozing.

In the 2nd video, at the 2 hour 9 minute mark, Eric Jon Phelps tells the Hagmann and Hagmann Report what may soon be coming including the invasion of Israel and the further subjucation of the American people while in the 3rd video, Phelps elaborates more beginning at 55 minutes in.


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So, with all of this rampant speculation, is it hard to tell whether a real “Obama coup” is a possibility, or are there clear warning signs – what are your thoughts?





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[6] The Obama Coup explained – Video

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