X-Men mind control becomes a reality

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X-Men mind control becomes a reality

Mind control becomes a reality – Man plays video game using the hand of another gamer sat half a mile away

‘Taking control of another person’s body with your mind is something that has been long dreamed of in comic books and films like X Men, but now scientists have achieved it in real life.

Researchers used electromagnets and computers to transmit a person’s brainwaves allowing them to control the hand of another sitting in a different building one mile away.

The technology recorded the brain signals from a computer gamer and then fired them into the brain of another volunteer, triggering the nerves that controlled their hand muscles.

This allowed the gamer, who had no physical computer controls themselves, to use the other person to play a computer game.

The technology makes it possible to control the body of another person with thoughts – something that Professor Xavier was able to do in the X Men.’

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