KFC Abandoning Chicago Due To ‘Rampant Crime’ Caused By Leftist Policies

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Three KFC locations have joined the mass exodus of businesses leaving Chicago due to rampant crime caused by leftist policies making it increasingly difficult to earn an honest living in the city.

Residents of Chicago are concerned about the future of the local economy due to the number of established businesses closing their doors and taking their business elsewhere.

Law and order in Chicago has been deteriorating since former mayor Lori Lightfoot supported measures to defund the city’s police department in 2020.

Less than one year later, due to the explosion in crime, Mayor Lightfoot had changed her tune and was begging the federal government for more law enforcement resources.

As Chicago’s crime problem persists, it’s becoming increasingly clear city leaders have no plans to get it under control.

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Illinoispolicy reports: While the number of murders in Chicago declined in 2023 – as they did in most major cities – Chicago still leads the nation in the number of homicides, with 644 killings and 36 mass shootings.

That’s 36 mass shootings if you use the FBI definition of four or more people shot. Use the Chicago Police Department’s definition of mass shootings as three or more shot, then there were 83 mass shootings in Chicago.

The city also led the nation with 76 school-aged children killed. Violent crime incidents rose in 2023 as well – numbers that are likely being under-reported because of police shortages.

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