Auckland Residents Blame UFOs For Strange Activity In The Night Sky

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Unexplained sightings have left  residents of the New Zealand capital wondering whether there really is alien life out there. There have been reports of UFOs including bright lights, orange spheres and other strange moving objects across Auckland’s night sky.

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The Mail Online reports:

The latest incident happened on Tuesday night when a local spotted a ‘blazing’ object which streaked across the night sky, leaving a lingering fog in the area.

The sightings are the latest in follow is one of more than a dozen in the last year. While many are attributing the bright night lights to meteors or satellites, others are adamant the strange light shows are further evidence of alien visitors visiting earth.

Dozens of sightings of moving lights and hovering objects have been snapped or recorded on video, with reports of ‘orange spheres’ by several locals in late April and early May in the region.

‘I observed two orange balls, descend out of the ionosphere into the air, with initial tails, which disappeared quickly as they became two distinct orange spheres, silent and as fast as a jet,’ posted one Auckland local onto the Facebook page UFO’s over Auckland.

‘They changed course, levelled out over central Auckland city and passed out over the harbour.’

Another local reported seeing ‘four big orange lights’ moving very fast over the city.

Katherine Manzi, a high school student, reported spotting a large orange light travelling over her house and recorded the video in the hope that she had spotted ‘alien activity’.

‘There was this really bright orange-yellow light going across the sky (it was pretty big!) right next to our house really really low and it suddenly disappeared!! What?! Actually so creepy! Thinking it was some kind of Alien activity? Maybe?’ she wrote on the group’s page.

Strange lights have also been reported in Mangere, in south-west Auckland, in Ponsoby, in northern Auckland, and in Sylvia Park, in south-western Auckland in the past two months alone.

Reports of bright flashes in the region in February, which were also visible in many other areas of the country, were put down to a chunk of asteroid or meteroid.

The light in the sky changed from green to blue to white, and retired Auckland University lecturer and meteorite expert Dr Joel Schiff said that it was probably a metal object entering the earth’s atmosphere.

‘If it’s seen in various parts of the country it is most likely an object breaking up and burning up as it passes through our atmosphere,’ he told

In the same month, one Twitter user shared a photograph of what he described as a UFO over Puketutu Island just off the coast of Auckland.

‘Nor’West sky from Puketutu Is. Orion in centre. UFO flying into #Auckland,’ he wrote.

In May last year the area also received a spate of activity when locals noticed an unusual white light in the sky.

Local Andrew Russell described witnessing a ‘stunning brightly lit white shield shaped light in the sky’, reported

Auckland Residents Blame UFOs For Strange Activity In The Night Sky



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