President Trump Vows to Fix LA’s Spiraling Homeless Problem

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President Trump promises to fix LA's homeless problem

President Trump has offered to step in and tackle Los Angeles’ spiraling homeless problem, vowing to get vagrants off the streets and into government housing facilities.

Amid continued neglect by the Democratic Reps that run the city, the Trump administration has put in place plans to tackle chronic issues with trash, rats, sewage problems and the return of medieval diseases across California.

“Among the ideas under consideration is razing existing tent camps for the homeless, creating new temporary facilities, or refurbishing existing government facilities,” government officials told the Washington Post.

“The changes would give the federal government a larger role in supervising housing and health care for residents,” the report states. reports: Back in July, Trump told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson of his plan to intervene in big cities like LA and San Francisco, where feces, discarded needles and trash threaten to cause a public health crisis.

“You can’t have what’s happening — where police officers are getting sick just by walking the beat. I mean, they’re getting actually very sick, where people are getting sick, where the people living there living in hell, too,” said Trump. “We cannot ruin our cities. And you have people that work in those cities. They work in office buildings and to get into the building, they have to walk through a scene that nobody would have believed possible three years ago.”

According to Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti aide Breelyn Pete, a “large delegation” of Trump administration officials already visited the city to discuss the crackdown.

Earlier this year, Dr. Drew Pinsky said the public health situation in America’s second largest city was in utter turmoil.

“We have a complete breakdown of the basic needs of civilization in Los Angeles right now,” said Pinsky.

1.5 per cent of rats in L.A. now carry bubonic plague. If that figures hits 2 per cent, the medieval disease will start jumping to humans.

In other words, if LA doesn’t sort out its trash problem and its homeless problem, the return of bubonic plague is virtually guaranteed.