Gunman Opens Fire In Swedish Shopping Mall

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A man has been taken to hospital after a gunman shot him in the leg at a shopping mall in the Rosengard area of the Swedish city of Malmo on Tuesday afternoon.

Police have cordoned off the area while a manhunt is underway for the shooter.

The Courier reports:

Regional newspaper Sydsvenskan reported that a man was taken to hospital by ambulance after being shot inside the shopping centre at around 4.20pm on Tuesday afternoon. The extent of his injuries is not currently known.

It is reported that the victim had been involved in a “brawl”.

“It’s messy in there, but one man has been shot – probably in the leg. He has been taken to hospital,” Lotta Svensson, a police officer on the scene, told the paper.

Initially police prevented anyone from entering or exiting the shopping centre, which houses shops, restaurants and a supermarket, but began evacuating the area at around 5pm.

Dog handlers were searching the site for weapons and the potential shooter, with police believing that he has fled the scene on foot.

A spokeswoman for the Swedish police, Johanna Persson, denied the incident had any links to terrorism and said it was being investigated as attempted murder, or aggravated assault.

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