CNN Reporter Who Hit Trump For Not Wearing Mask Caught Removing Mask When Cameras Stop Rolling

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CNN's White House Correspondent, who demanded to know why President Trump wasn't wearing a mask, was caught tearing off her mask, smiling, and walking close to other reporters as soon as cameras stop rolling.

CNN White House Correspondent Kaitlan Collins has been slammed for being a hypocrite after she demanded to know why President Trump wasn’t wearing a mask during an event in the Rose Garden on Friday, then was caught removing her own mask as soon as the cameras stopped rolling following the media briefing.

During the event in the Rose Garden, President Trump and some other administration officials were not wearing masks while certain coronavirus task force members, like Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx, were wearing them, Mediaite reported.

Mr. President, can you just clarify, why are some of you wearing a mask and why are some of you not wearing a mask?” Collins asked.

Trump replied, “We’ve all been tested and we’re quite a distance away and we’re outdoors, so I told them, I gave them the option, they could wear it or not.”

So you can blame it on me, but I gave them the option. We could wear it or not,” he said.

After the event, White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany held a media briefing attended by Kaitlan Collins, the CNN White House correspondent.

Just seconds after the briefing ended, Collins was seen removing her mask, smiling, and walking close to other members of the mainstream media as they filed out of the room.

WesternJournal report: People on Twitter were quick to call the White House correspondent out for her behavior.

When the press conference is over and the cameras are off you take your mask off because your agenda isn’t being shown for CNN. Right @kaitlancollins?” one user tweeted.

Another user said, “Arriving in a mask, and REMAINING in a mask are two different things… apparently. It’s almost as if YOU don’t think its necessary.

Collins often reports on which members of the Trump administration and the coronavirus task force are wearing masks at different events.

In particular, Collins reported on Vice President Mike Pence choosing to wear a mask after he was criticized for not wearing one at the Mayo Clinic.

Collins is not the first reporter to be caught taking off her mask after an event.

Members of the media, as well as Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, have all been caught unmasked either right before or right after media conferences.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  1. People have no autonomous locus of internal control anymore thanks to being conditioned like Pavlovian dogs to follow the leader using team building as the weapon to turn them all into a flock of sheep .

    • They sure are compliant here in Olympia WA. I’m embarrassed for them. Plus, as a guy with crummy hearing that reads lips, I find communicating nearly impossible.

  2. Those on the Left/Democrats, Liberals, Progressives, the “Fake News” mediums, etc. knowingly/purposely lie, lob false allegations, offer up farfetched/contrived “speculation”, misdirect, & utilize the “fake news” to spread rumorsu for the express purpose of “gaslighting”, causing chaos, ginning up fear/anger, fanning the flames of dissent, & inciting violence. “Fake News” mediums like CNN, MSNBC, the NYT, BuzzFeed, National Review, The Washington Post, social media platforms like Twitter, Google, Facebook, etc., late night hosts like Bill Maher, Jimmy Kimmel, Stephen Colbert, & the liberal left in Hollywood then purposely, exponentially increase/amplify & telegraph the anger, hatred, & violence of the Left, Progressives, Democrats, & their base against others across the nation/world by to divide, destabilize, & damage the nation, the President, & our citizens. This explains why they are viewed as the Enemies of the American People.

    SHOCKED by the blow-back, they proclaim their innocence while we all know that they are nothing but instigators with their incendiary/despicable reporting. They, like we, all learned in grade school that those who report the news must stick to the facts, “who, what, why, where & when”. Instead, they speculate, manipulate, contrive, edit audio/video, omit, & when all else fails, they fall back on their so called “anonymous sources”…

    Lacking even the slightest modicum of ethics, honor, & integrity, they are best described as intellectual contortionists, they bend/twist reality to fit a narrative of their own creation based on their own personal biases or that of their Elite masters, the Marxist Progressives and Demogogue Democrats ……..

  3. Look anyone who knows a dr knows surgical masks DO NOT prevent the transmission of viruses ,only bacteria. The only masks they protect against viruses are the type they issue ,at taxpayers expense ,to hospital staff The type with the little air burton with the extra filtration to trap viruses Scarves like nazi Nancy wear dont work, either None of them wear the masks that protect either them or the public from viruses ITS ALL A LIE AND THEY KNOW IT .But they are powerless against the wealth of the perpetrators

  4. This ugly bottom feeding CNN employee should wear a mask at all times…Man, I shutter when I think some poor soul waking up next to this female long-beak every morning.

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