Ghislaine Maxwell Visited Prince Andrew Up To 4 Times A Day At Buckingham Palace Says Ex-Protection Officer

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Prince’s Andrew’s former protection officer has revealed that the Duke of York and Ghislaine Maxwell were so close that they enjoyed intimate picnics on the grounds of Buckingham Palace

The ex- police officer claims that the British socialite, accused of being a ‘pimp’ for billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, visited the Duke at the Palace up to four times a day.

Staff were told that her name should not be entered into the visitors books

The Mail Online reports: Met Police officer Paul Page had previously served as a protection officer for Prince Andrew and claimed the first time he had been made aware of Maxwell was in 2001.

Speaking to The Mirror, Mr Page, who worked with the Royals from 1998-2004 said he was first alerted to Maxwell when the privy purse called, informing him that a guest was coming to see Andrew but that the name was not to be entered into the book.

‘She turned up in a chauffeur-driven Range Rover and we let her in. Half an hour after that me and my colleague walked through the garden to go back to the police lodge and he was having a picnic with her by the summer house, opposite the Queen’s ­bedroom window.

‘One of my colleagues saw her come in and out the Palace four times in one day.’

Prince Andrew has been criticised for his relationship with Maxwell and Epstein.

Maxwell has denied any wrong doing and Prince Andrew has previously stated that he didn’t know Epstein had been involved in such behaviour.

One accuser, Virginia Roberts, claimed she was trafficked to London and had sex with the prince at Maxwell’s home in March 2001. Andrew denied ever meeting her.

Andrew is not yet thought to have spoken to the FBI, that is leading the case, but he may be forced to if he travels to the US.

With that in mind Mr Page said that he believed nothing would come of it, as there is ‘no evidence that could come to light which would put him in the frame’.

He added that even if the FBI were to request information from the Royal Protection Command then they would receive a no, and stated that they would not receive any documentation from the British police.

Mr Page said if Andrew’s legal team felt there had been any possibility of an indictment, then they would have not let him do the now infamous Newsnight interview with Emily Maitlis.

He also claimed that Andrew has now taken steps to distance himself from Ghislaine

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