UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson Resigns

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Boris Johnson

Following a wave of resignations from his government, Boris Johnson is set to announce his exit from Downing Street later on today.

A source at No 10 said Johnson had spoken to the chairman of the Conservative backbench 1922 Committee, Sir Graham Brady, and agreed to stand down, with a new Tory leader set to be in place by the party’s conference in October.

SKy News reports: But several MPs are calling for a caretaker prime minister to be brought in to stop Johnson leading throughout the summer.

A Number 10 spokesman confirmed the PM would make a statement today, and Paymaster General Michael Ellis told the Commons it would come “shortly”.

The confirmation of Mr Johnson’s departure came after his newly appointed Education Secretary Michelle Donelan resigned following just 36 hours in the post, and new Chancellor Nadhim Zahawi told the prime minister to “go now”.

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace also said he had withdrawn his support for the PM, and earlier, Northern Ireland Secretary Brandon Lewis resigned from his post.

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer said it was “good news for the country” that Mr Johnson was stepping down, adding: “It should have happened long ago.”

There has been intense pressure on Mr Johnson to quit after more than 50 resignations from all levels of government, and waves of backbenchers appealing for him to go.

The mass rebellion began on Tuesday after Downing Street admitted the PM knew about allegations of inappropriate behaviour against disgraced former Deputy Chief Whip Chris Pincher in 2019, but still appointed him in February.


  1. Great news to wake up to! His true leftist colors showed thru during the covid plandemic.



    • It’s the most suspicious news coverage of such a dramatic wc2ntvivevwver seen in my life TOTALLY SUSPICIOUS Every bit of it. And he’s still in charge for up till September possibly.

  2. Well I told you so Right from even before he got elected Boo boo by name and boo boo by nature. And here we find it tucked away as if insignificant The most historic Prime Minister in 500 years of English Anglican History finally after masses of debacles and insults to the nation from the most pompous and conceited Prime Minister ever, he’s ultimately forced to resign. And should NEVER have been either Mayor of the City or Prime Minister ever.

    • And rhe shadows are keeping him in office for up to 3 months till they’ve found a replacement too. The most obvious corruption ever in English history and coincides totally with the sudden emergence if his mob of global leaders “winning” elections all over the Dominions.

  3. And wouldn’t you just know it, but the Knight leading the labor party’s a lawyers, sworn Oath to the Pope, an Queens Counsel and unboubtedly a Catholic. Even his school, which was set up to appear to be Anglican I believe, actually changed its name to virgin Mary’s academy for prospective agents or whatever and had 3 schools set up in, three j 3 guesses? If you guessed China Bingo..
    Join the dots.

      • And isn’t she the barrister also having sworn Oath of Allegiance to the Pope? And n they aren’t just “formalities”

      • Just watched a vid from one geopolitical commentators I enjoy. He is saying there are several candidates. But he is not very optimistic about the future prospects…

        and NewsPunch is blocking posts with links… Annoying…

        BitChute /video/ZKmSlLbwL4o/

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