Dutch Farmers Rise Up against the Elite: ‘They Are Manufacturing Global Food Shortages’

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Dutch farmers rise up against government - admit the food shortages are being manufactured by the elite

Tens of thousands of farmers are rising up against the government to protest the deliberate food shortages they say are being manufactured by the elite.

As usual, the mainstream media is attempting to distort the truth about the protests with headlines like “Dutch farmers protest emissions targets.” 

Although the government policy is a 25 BILLION Euro investment in “reducing levels of nitrogen pollution,”  its plan to achieve this is by “paying some Dutch livestock farmers to exit the industry”.

This means drastically culling the number of farms around the country.


Though the scheme is about reportedly about limiting nitrogen and ammonia emissions from urine and manure, the real agenda is far more sinister when you see the deliberate destruction of food industries worldwide.

The Netherlands is one of the largest exporters of meat in the world. Reducing its output by a third will devastate the food supply in the West.

The “pay farmers not to farm” scheme isn’t just being enforce in the Netherlands, both the UK and US have similar schemes in place with the stated intention to reduce meat production.

Sean Adl-Tabatabai
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