Italian Leader Vows to NEVER Allow ‘New World Order’ To Lock the Country Down Again

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Italian leader vows to never allow the New World Order to lock the country down again

New Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni has vowed to never allow the ‘New World Order’ to lock the country down again.

Italian doctors and nurses suspended from work because they refused the toxic mRNA jabs will also soon be reinstated, new Health Minister Orazio Schillaci said on Friday. reports: “A measure is being finalized that will allow the reintegration into service of health staff subject to suspension proceedings for non-compliance with compulsory vaccination before the expiry date of the suspension,” he said in a statement on the ministry’s website.

The Health minister’s announcement comes nine days after Meloni told parliament there would be no more green passes, mandatory lockdowns, and government-ordered business closures during future pandemics:

Former globalist prime minister, Mario Draghi’s government made the controversial Covid vaccinations mandatory for teachers and health workers in 2021 and extended that to everyone over 50 in January this year.

A refusal resulted in a suspension from work without pay for public employees, while those over 50 faced fines of 100 euros ($99.5).

Speaking at a news conference after the cabinet approved the measures, Meloni accused her predecessors, Draghi and Giuseppe Conte, of taking an “ideological” approach to Covid and said she would do things differently. “The previous government took various measures that had no scientific evidence,” said Meloni.


    • yes, you are seeing the connections grasshopper.
      The CCP is a creation of the western central banks. Mao was their low IQ puppet from the beginning. China has always been a tool of western central banks along with the soviet union. Our CIA is a thug organization for the western Central banks.
      CIA=CCP=North Korea, all on the same team.
      The Sassoon banking family handled the take over of China and Japan back in the day, cousins of the Rothschilds.

  1. And I suppose the Italian protection racket Queen s going to send us a rainbow as her sign of the covenant she’s made with the Italian Mankind.

  2. YES!!! No more lockdowns, forced vaccines/masks, etc. We’re taking our freedom & countries back & the world wide white hat militaries will destroy the cabal.

    • you silly, don’t you know that people’s vaccines don’t work if you don’t get a vaccine? So the vaccined will get sick from a non vaccinated. wrap you head around that one.
      Amazing how the country bought that argument.

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