EU To Train 30,000 Ukrainian Nazi’s As Russia Looks Set To Win War

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EU to train 30,000 Ukrainian nazi's as Russia looks set to win war

The European Union has announced plans to train 30,000 Ukrainian Nazi’s as Russia looks set to win the war against Ukraine.

“This will be reached probably before the end of the second quarter of this year and there will be a new additional target of a further 15,000 Ukrainian soldiers trained by various European countries,” an EU official announced on Wednesday.

The official added, “that will bring the number of Ukrainian soldiers trained in this scheme to 30,000.” reports: Kiev is hosting a summit for the EU beginning on Friday. While Ukraine hopes to receive a path to EU membership during the summit, that now appears unlikely. The increase in the number of troops to be trained is expected to be unveiled at the conference in Kiev.

Members of the EU pledged to send German-made Leopard 2 main battle tanks to Kiev last week. It’s unclear what training the 15,000 Ukrainian troops will receive, including if they will learn how to operate the tanks.

The war has dragged on for nearly a year and Ukraine has suffered significant losses. In November, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said 120,000 Ukrainians had been killed. She claimed that about 20,000 civilians have been killed, along with over 100,000 soldiers. More recently, the German foreign intelligence service has assessed that Kiev is losing a “three-digit number” of forces every day as Ukraine and Russia battle for Bakhmut.

Kiev has used mass conscription to fill out its ranks, the government has gone as far as barring all fighting-age men from leaving the country. Indicating some of the Ukrainian trainees’ inexperience, Maj. Craig Hutton, a British officer who was overseeing a training program in August, said “we are running a basic infantry course, which takes Ukrainian recruits and teaches them to shoot well.”

The U.S. recently expanded its training program for Ukrainian forces in Grafenwoehr, Germany. The Pentagon’s goal is to – in six to eight weeks – put 500 troops through “combined arms” training. The British currently have a similar program. In Oklahoma, the Pentagon is training about 100 Ukrainian troops on how to operate Patriot missile defense systems. As with the Americans and the British, the EU member states are inching toward direct conflict with Moscow by deepening their involvement in the war.

While addressing the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock recently declared “we are fighting a war against Russia.”

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