Australia to Herd 24,000 Kids Into Stadium To Receive the Jab – ‘No Parents Allowed’

Fact checked
Australia to force 24,000 kids to get the COVID shot without parents permission

The Australian government has gone full totalitarian – they’re now coming for the children of Australian parents and openly boasting about it at press conferences.

Brad Hazzard, the Minister for Health and Medical Research of New South Wales, proudly told parents that 24,000 children will be taken into a stadium to receive the COVID-19 jab – and parents will not be allowed to attend

Yes, really.


Per The Daily Expose:

The children will be greeted by the friendly, smiling faces of Australia’s armed forces at the door to usher them inside as is evident from the following tweet posted by Australia’s Department of Defence.

When they get inside they can then look forward to a “Big Brother” style address from the New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian, who will fill their heads with propaganda and lies and thank them for participating in the largest experiment ever conducted on humanity.

Then they can move on to the best part where they can watch on enviously as some of their friends suffer an immediate adverse reaction and collapse to the floor just like the three teens that collapsed at the Qudos Arena “vaccination hub” in New South Wales, Australia.

Meanwhile their parents can look forward to being harassed by the police or the armed forces, and being issued fines for thousands of dollars if they dare to breach stay at home quarantine, lie to a contact tracer, stray over 5km from their home without a permit, and venture outdoors without partaking in actual exercise.