Report: UK ‘Has No More Weapons’ After Donating Them All to Ukraine

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UK has run out of weapons after giving them all to Ukraine

The UK has run out of military guns after having given them all to Ukraine, according to a new report.

All of the UK’s 30 serviceable AS-90 self-propelled artillery guns have been sent to the Zelensky regime, The Sun reports.

“The decision to give them away has stripped two Royal Artillery regiments, based on Salisbury Plain, Wilts, of all their working weapons,” wrote the newspaper, which added that an artillery source informed them: “If gunners don’t have guns we can’t fight, we can’t train.” reports: The news comes amid a high-profile push by British war hawks to convince the public to cough up for newer and fancier toys for the military.

Claiming that British fighting capabilities have been “hollowed out by spending cuts,” the former head of the UK’s Joint Forces Command, retired General Richard Barrons, wrote in a recent op-ed that “years of cuts to ammunition production mean that, for some types of key weapons, the army would run out in a busy afternoon.”

Opining that the UK’s military is now “barely tier two” – a designation which would place it among the ranks of Germany and Italy, rather than “tier one” militaries like those of the US, China, Russia, or France – Barrons insisted the Brits will have to fork over an additional £3 billion to return to the upper echelon.

British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace also recently echoed the view the British military has been left “hollowed out and underfunded” in light of his government’s continuing campaign to pump Ukraine full of deadly weapons. “As the world gets more dangerous, defense should get a growing proportion of spend,” he reportedly urged.

The possibility that the UK would likely be left flat-footed in a military engagement has been greeted with increasing concern among British military members, but across the Atlantic, news that UK military supplies have been gutted has provoked a decidedly different response.

“The UK Is Giving Ukraine Lots of Artillery — Now The British Army Can Get Newer And Better Guns,” cheered Forbes in one particularly shameless headline.

By “donating to Ukraine more and more of its artillery,” the British Army is “effectively forcing the government in London finally to spend real money on new guns and launchers,” the author crowed.

But there’s little indication that view aligns with those of working-class Britons, who have endured one of the toughest years in recent memory. With half a million Brits on strike Wednesday amid the worst cost-of-living crisis in generations, issues like better pay and an end to draconian public spending cuts tended to be at the top of the list of demands – but ‘new heavy weapons’ was nowhere to be found.

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