MSNBC Admits Live On-Air That Hunter Biden Is About To Be Charged For Multiple Felonies

Fact checked
Joe and Hunter Biden

MSNBC has actually reported on the charges likely to be filed against the Presidents son Hunter Biden.

Having to report on multiple, significant charges against Hunter Biden was quite painful for the news channel.

Just watch their faces …

As Twitchy notes: The squirming is so obvious yet so delightful.

We especially like how she keeps reminding everyone that this doesn’t necessarily mean Hunter will face charges … ha ha ha ha. Plus she had to bring up the laptop so they could say this isn’t ABOUT the laptop from Hell. Alrighty.

C’mon, we all know if this was Donald Trump Jr. she’d be calling him a criminal and pretending that every day without actual charges is a THREAT TO OUR DEMOCRACY.

That’s their fave right now.

Everything and everyone they don’t like is a threat to our democracy.


But you know, the agent isn’t the one to charge him.


Of course.

They’ll go down with him.

More like DELICIOUS.

That’s what we’re seeing from several people – these charges are minimal compared to so many other possible charges, and they’re being pushed as a means for the DOJ to say, ‘See, we’re fair!’


  1. All liars and frauds All in it together to deceive the world. The voting Bill was the greatest threat to democracy in our lifetime and everyone ignored it as hood compliant little actors in the CIA run Jesuits theatre.

  2. A sitting presidents son will never be indicteted the US fbi, cia all law agencies will all close ranks to protect him. The Hunter Biden laptop thing, is DP version of Trumps sealed indictment, fake news.

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