Vietnam Veteran Shot In Cleveland For Supporting Donald Trump

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Donald Trump

A black U.S. military veteran supporting Republican nominee Donald Trump was shot in a Cleveland bar after voicing his opinion.

A man at the bar overheard the Vietnam veteran voicing his support for Trump in a heated conversation with a friend.

After listening in on the heated exchange the man fetched a handgun from his car, returned to the bar and shot Paul Jones Jr. in the leg for his political views.

Western Journalism reports:

That argument is what ultimately caused another man, who was not a part of the argument, to walk outside to his car, grab a gun, and walk back inside the bar where he shot Jones in the thigh.

Cleveland’s WEWS-TV reports the 60-year-old Jones is still in the hospital — where he is expected to make a full recovery — after the man in the bar opened fire on him.

Jones, an Air Force Vietnam War Veteran, was at Winston’s Place near E. 131st Street and Miles Avenue Monday night arguing over Trump’s candidacy with a friend.

Apparently, Jones’ staunch support for the New York billionaire upset another man in the bar.

Discussing the incident from his hospital bed, Jones said, “he butted in the conversation. The conversation wasn’t directed at him or to him.”

Nobody thought anything of the man being upset with Jones, until he shockingly left the bar and returned with a gun.

Cleveland police describe it as simply a situation where the man shot Jones and walked back out of the bar.

Jones’ mother said she understands that plenty of people disagree with her son’s support of Trump, but can’t believe the level the shooter took that disagreement to.

“I’m quite sure you have a lot of people having their own opinions. But that doesn’t mean you should hurt somebody because you have your own opinion,” Latosca Jones said.

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