Roseanne Barr: ‘My Pronouns Are Kiss My Ass’

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Roseanne Barr declares that her pronounce are 'kiss my ass'

Roseanne Barr has launched a comeback with a new TV stand-up special titled “Roseanne Barr: Cancel This!”

In the show, Barr takes aim at the woke agenda and cancel culture being perpetuated by the far-left. reports: Barr’s new comedy special marks her return to the stage after nearly two decades, and her jokes were characterized by her direct shotted humor. She took jabs at the trend of asking children their gender, saying that a person’s gender should be to “get a job.”

In 2018, the revival of her popular sitcom “Roseanne,” had garnered some of the highest ratings for a new television series in years.

Barr’s jokes in the new series also include quips about women, saying that they are those who clean up everyone else’s mess and who have had five ungrateful children who have never had to work for anything in their life.

Barr jokingly said, “A woman is somebody whose boobs hang down to her knees with a prolapsed uterus from giving birth to five ungrateful little privileged b*******s that have never had to work for anything in their whole damn life.”

Barr, who supported former President Trump, believed that her support for him may have played a role in her firing. She knows that Hollywood hates Trump and anyone who supports him, which is why she was fired.

According to Barr, her work was stolen by people who she thought loved her. Despite this, Barr has forgiven those involved and believes that everything that happened was part of God’s plan.

“All of Hollywood, they just hate him and they hate those of us who like him. There is no way around it,” Barr said. “So, yeah, I think they took me off because I liked him and I like him because I’m a Jew and he likes Israel.”

Back in 2018 she told The Los Angeles Times. “It was a witch-burning. And it was terrifying,” Barr looked back. “I would die many times. I guess you would call it the dark night of the soul. I felt like the devil himself was coming against me to try to tear me apart, to punish me for believing in God.”

She continued, “They didn’t do it to anyone else in Hollywood…I’m the only person who’s lost everything, whose life’s work was stolen, stolen by people who I thought loved me. And there was silence.”

Despite this, Barr has forgiven those involved and believes that everything that happened was part of God’s plan.

I don’t think they’ll ever stop trying to come after me, particularly now that I am getting the last laugh on their a**. That’s why I’m coming back. I never would have that last laugh unless I’m strong enough to stand on two feet, and although I do have to wear adult diapers while doing it, I am not ever going to stop making fun of power and its arrogance, and I don’t give a f*** what color it is. I’ll be there. Make the most f***ing fun of it that I can before I croak.

Barr has stated that she is coming back to the comedy scene to make fun of power and its arrogance, and she does not care what color it is. She has no intention of stopping making fun of power and its arrogance.


  1. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. In the 60s they hated Garland and Monroe for being Democrats because Hollywood was totally a Republican. They both lost everything. Monroe was the biggest star on earth and Fox’s highest earning star yet she had very little and they made her estate bankrupt for 50 years after her death and then some judge decided her lawyers had never established her legal ownership of herself anyway and took every cent.
    After paying money into a Monroe Fund or a trust set up on England for decades.
    Garland was broke The biggest noviecstarcand recording artist in the world for 20 years and she was utterly penniless AMD she said her managers stole her money and took that to London too. And no lawyers would take her case.

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