Britain Considers Fourth Covid Jab To Tackle Omicron

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Britain covid jab omicron

Britain is considering the rollout of a fourth round of Covid-19 jabs after both Israel and Germany gave the green light to a second set of boosters to help curb the omricon variant.

The rollout of a second booster is being examined by the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) who according to The Telegraph, will weigh up the levels of immunity granted by the extra jab as well as hospitalisation figures.

The news comes as three major studies in England, Scotland and South Africa all confirmed that the Omricon variant is milder than Delta and far less likely to cause severe illness.

The Daily Mail reports: Those with weakened immune systems are already entitled to a fourth job but the elderly and other vulnerable groups could soon be included.

The fourth jab would likely come four months after the third if it gets the green light and could be available in the new year. 

Professor Anthony Harnden, deputy chair of the JCVI, said: ‘We need to see more data. We are in different circumstances to Israel and we need to see more data on waning immunity and vaccine effectiveness against hospitalisation.’

An Israeli health expert, who s sharing findings with the UK, said they are already seeing waning immunity from the third jab, prompting the extra round of vaccinations. 

Israel announced today citizens over the age of 60 and medical teams would be eligible for a fourth Covid vaccine shot.

‘The world will follow in our footsteps,’ Prime Minister Naftali Bennett tweeted. 


  1. Typical imperialistic mentality. Conquer that which does not need conquering. Why don’t they just nuke themselves?

  2. antibody overdoses won`t stop it but paxlovid may and even common over the counter antivirals like tamaflu have the green light from the mareican medical order it seems?

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