Liberal Professor: Sex With ‘Willing’ Children Is Not Wrong, There Are ‘Evolutionary Advantages’ To Pedophilia

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Sex with babies as young as 1-year-old is not wrong, according to SUNY Fredonia Professor Stephen Kershnar, who has gone on record stating that he can't see anything wrong adult males having sexual intercourse with "willing" 12-year-old girls and performing oral sex on babies.

Sex with babies as young as 1-year-old is not wrong, according to SUNY Fredonia Professor Stephen Kershnar, who has gone on record stating that he can’t see anything wrong adult males having sexual intercourse with “willing” 12-year-old girls and performing oral sex on babies.

According to Professor Kershnar, who teaches applied ethics at the New York university, there are “evolutionary advantages” to pedophilia that the human race should use to its advantage.

Imagine that an adult male wants to have sex with a 12-year-old girl. Imagine that she’s a willing participant. A very standard, very widely held view is that there’s something deeply wrong about this. It’s wrong independent of it being criminalized,” said Kershnar.

It’s not obvious to me that it’s in fact wrong,” he continued.

I think this is a mistake. And I think exploring that why it’s a mistake will tell us not only things about adult/sex and statutory rape and also fundamental principles of morality.”


The degenerate professor went on to indulge his audience with what we have to assume are sick and twisted fantasies, claiming that there is no minimum age at which pedophilia can be considered wrong.

“The notion that it’s wrong even with a one-year-old is not quite obvious to me,” he claimed.

According to the depraved professor, the idea that pedophilia is wrong because children “can’t understand” sex can be countered by pointing to other activities children participate in but don’t fully understand, such as sports and birthday parties.

The professor then goes on a bizarre and disturbing rant about grandparents performing oral sex on baby boys, adding, “It’s hard to see what would be wrong with it.”

Kershnar went on to claim there were “evolutionary advantages” to sex with young children and that there are a “surprising number of college age males” who are attracted to pre-pubescent children.

So it’s fairly widespread among young men particularly young men in our society,” he claimed.

Disturbingly, this isn’t the first time Kershnar has used his platform as an academic at a top university to spread his pro-pedophilia message.

A resurfaced clip features Kershnar insisting that society’s reaction to pedophilia is what’s wrong, not the act of raping children itself.

The normalisation of pedophilia is a cultural trend that has crept up as society becomes more degenerate and moral relativism takes hold. NewsPunch have been warning against this scourge for years. We must join forces and demand cultural institutions listen to the moral majority and refuse to allow degenerates to poison the impressionable minds of our younger generations.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry is a writer at The People's Voice. He covers politics, business and entertainment. Speaking truth to power since he learned to talk, Baxter has travelled in over 80 countries and won arguments in every single one. Live without fear.
Baxter Dmitry


  1. where does he teach at blue ball preschool mexico upside down jailFOlife plus 9 trillion light years but the jails are full of those smart chipped smart med addicts with sick toad brains from FOX CBS studioSS

  2. this is a hot topic in some circles – the talmud says “when they turn 8, it’s too late” – so this turd wants to do away with noahide laws altogether and go iz-lumbic, go chargers

      • Most cultures condemnt this kind of thing, fanatical Muslims don’t seem to think it’s wrong and make up siginificant amount of patrons of child sex trafficking. It isn’t bigotry if it’s a FACT. Mohammed, their founder, married an 8 y.o. girl and this is still commonly done.

    • In the U.K. the law enforcement participates in this kind of thing according to a satanic ritual abuse survivor. If it isn’t “obvious” to this “professor” why it’s wrong to rape a child (they are too young to understand what they might be consenting to) I would be happy to have my Smith & Wesson explain it to him.

      • much of law enforcement is in on it in this country as well, especially in the north east, but pretty much everywhere you can find it in the justice system.

        • Agreed – sadly. I remember my mom railing against “dirty old men” in the Supreme Court especially Earl Warren back in early 1960s. It was her way of saying “pedo”.

  3. People are brainwashed with cultural propagandas Anyone who looks at the history of humanity across all of the planet knows that pedophilia was never ever treated as it is today.The current view is totally abnormal and bizzare excepting that violent rape of infants , or toddlers was never publicly condoned. However Rome for example celebrated pedophilia in an annual festival called Juvenalia which was held at our Christmas time, their Saturnalia. The age of consent for girls was 12 all over the planet forever until the end of the middle ages basically. But pedophilia which was legally only sex with pre pubescents right up until the 1980s was still only considered socially undesirable rather than a serious outrageous horrific crime worse than murder. Sex with teenagers by an older male was legally Carnal Knowledge and was a jail time offence, but not some EVIL offence deserving castration or death at all. In fact it was often followed by engagements and weddings and living happily ever after for many young tennage lovers who couldn’t wait. Like Romeo and Juliet, who was 14.
    Historically today’s pc morally brainwashed indignant are naive and ignorant as haters usually always are. That’s how they’re so easily deceived and exploited.

    • yes they USE to burn witches and they use to cut up virgins they use to eat people but those were not human rights those were leaders killin rapeing in the name of.YOUR the ONE who is brain washed use that logic and go to jail also because they use to lock up those who prayed on human rights not change humanity for the insane

      • No you are. The nazis burned Jews too. The facts are the facts 12was thev global age if consent because that’s natural That’s when girls become sexually active. Aretha Franklin was a mother at 14 and married with 4 kids by 18. That was not because she was brainwashed Queen Elizabeth met and fell in love with Philip when she was 13 or 14. When I was in high school most girls were having their pregnancy drama queen scene at 16, as a status symbol, a symbol of their coming into. Womanhood, as normal females They weren’t running to the lawyers to sue the guy for ruining their life’s and having is life destroyed. The Morality today is anti heterosexual and if you can’t see it it’s because your too blinded with your brainwashing.

        • I was raped at age four had kids by age six and by age nine had 36 kid`s by forced breeding for hollywoods genicide of howard hughes useing mother jean peters and myself as bait and control over trillionare HHMI howard hughes my father.WW-II times had kid`s married at age 12-14 but those times ended and human rights progressed-no one thinks it`s normal today for a aged person to breed a under aged,Human rights do progress the mind rapeing professor is brain washing you into thinking those fuctions are of today.BUT the WW_II group married and most stayed married and din`t have subjects under age to play GOD with tass wipe

          • I’ve seen several of your rants in this thread and your comments are by far the least structured and full of claims that ‘should’ raise eyebrows, bit arent. Why? Quite frankly, the irony behind your claims of higher education being a platform to propagate pedophilia, while not being able to properly construct the first sentence is enough to dismiss any and all claims you make…
            Yet, wanting to give you the benefit of the doubt, I continue reading thru the comments. Time and time again you show up with the addled ramblings of someone on Adderall after Google searching conspiracy theories for days and nights on end.
            Additionally, your claim of producing children by the age of 6, when the most notable youngest mother being Lina Marcela Medina de Jurado from Peru circa 1933 (at nearly the age of 6) leaves me to believe much more has happened in your life beyond what you list here. Life experience alone tells me you’re seeking attention. Additionally, spend any amount of time working in a Healthcare setting, or sit in on the next biology class at your local community College. Children giving birth at that age is an incredibly long shot on its own. Couple that claim with everything else you’ve mentioned and what your left with is two parts Confusion, and One part Bullshit (which is most likely the active ingredient being the common denominator in nearly all of your comments)
            –Sticking to the topic at hand, ask literally anyone who experienced childhood traumas if they had any consenting say in the matter, or if what this professor is spewing has any validity. You will be told No, resoundingly, 1000% of the time. This is just one more cog in the machine of dehumanizing our species as a whole… strip away the Human element in humanity and all your left with is an animal with an uncanny ability to manipulate its environment while being able to brutalized each other within our own species for no other gain than self satisfaction. An apex preditor with nothing to lose is the most dangerous kind. This line of thinking is of the select concepts that are too dark for our own good. Enabling thought processed like this professor’s should be as much of a crime as raping innocent children.

            And as for you Mr/Ms Howard Hughes Hawks Peter Jenson or whatever the hell…. stay off the internet during your benders. You offer nothing of value to a much needed conversation which ultimately undermines any other claims you could possibly make.

        • The nazis gassed rapped and genicied just as this professor is doing in his mind YOU ARE his subject he knows the truth you don`t and so you get rapped and enslaved that is mind control and physical and psy abuse at ANY AGE

    • Why can’t you drive a car at the age of 10 or drink alcohol at a young age, because in addition to physical ability, you still need to mature morally and develop will and self-awareness in order to make informed decisions, and not go on about momentary desires that can have profound consequences and even destroy life. Easily accessible sex, one way or another, is always the risk of changing priorities at a young age, the risk of pregnancy, the risk of injury, the risk of sexually transmitted diseases, the risk of abduction and moral exploitation (when a mature person uses a naive and not mature). Is it for the same reason that parents say “you can’t eat more sweets today” because the child does not know how to control himself, in addition to the maturation of the body, there must be a concretion of personality, you are giving an example of some kind of the Middle Ages, this is just nonsense and you are not aware of the consequences, for sure you will find a lot that you will like in the Stone Age.

      • It is all about power and control the under age can`t out think the nutty professor until they are enlighted by time life and so on,so they nutty professor teaches some horse smitty higher than you mind fluct warfare.Just by his own statements he is already abuseing everyones human rights making them his subject and he is the enlighted ONE leading the under class into his light or in this case MADNESS mind control .every abuser says they won`t hurt thier subjects but they already have even in thier minds

    • in a world of billions your are pushing a repression of human rights and DNA progressions-Sex to you isn`t about being married or making a good life for your kids it is about gettting yourself off,GO subject your self to the nutty professor but wait he won`t have you because he is a man child regressed by his geno?

    • And back in the Middle Ages they could imprison anyone for anything they wanted. It doesn’t make it right. Your “logic” is stupid.

  4. I was human traffic for FOX CBS howard hawks being a son of howard hughes&jean peters.I was first bred at age four and had kids by age six I was farmed out by my mother who was a slave child of FOX howard hawks in WW-II kids got married and went off to war still in high school but with the baby boomers all that changed as do all the social rules for humanity over time.I was once rapped by a male thug on the grade school play ground beaten left nude in the middle of the winter to freeze held down and filled with wiskey.I ran around not able to stand in the nude at age six How the fluck does that help me in life?.Two suits showed days later and shot the guy right in his heart to death on the school play grounds in my hand me down 3rd generation coat now ruined.I don`t feel bad for that guy at all I only missed my coat and I was running in the cold midwestern winter coatless again

      • Your nuts-that is just WTF he is saying and WTF the court have decided ages ago.Yes they use to kill virgins to thier GOD`s and they use to eat people.Does a under age child have any rights sure they do-do they go off to war can they get married? can they drive a car on the roadways NO NO NO and no.Most sickos KILL thier prey and even from a medical point of view much harm to the under age would happen!. HIGHER learning BS lower fuctions a child can`t decide-that is force and force is rape and I have been subjected to rape at age four and by age nine had had 36 kid`s everyone wanted a part of the howard hughes estate and me being his son they got DNA tie in.he is grand standing to piss off everyone for a name BUT he will fail like all the other`s have

  5. the only thing being rapped as a child or at any age teaches is to defend yourself better.Violation of your human rights is something to die over as most kill thier prey after they play it out and tirer of them

      • Yer nutty than a jailed mass murderer who also rape most of thier prey,Been in the cellular and in the streets from LA hollywood to canada mexico and on the big screen and little screen and sound gardened hughes at the garden party drake drake drake and drake since the howard hawks start up of FOX-hawks was a fake shadow of howard and jean peters was my mother and slave to stand hugh/howard hawks since she was a child.That is what the professor the producers the dicts all want is slaves under thier higher fuction higher learning over lording self apointment as fratty rattys.The frats have no rules no higher fuctionals only over lording disfuctionals.the professor is on the pay roll of the frat over lords so thus you see netwookieSS and moviedom violate human rights time after time after time warner as they also encamp and sound scan-sound garden the copyrights of the under class thusly under ground artistes

  6. the jails are full of those abusers and a lot of them have churches defending them and heads full of smart meds and while in jail they do nothing but insanity mind warfares on all the jailed.WAKE up jail is a battle feild for the insane to play in with free head meds and doctors by the scores all on the tax paying backs

  7. And likewise, Dr. Perverto, it’s not obvious to me why it’s wrong if I take objects from your residence that I like.

  8. Not of legal age of consent means rape by force in any court of our legal system-he is a MAN CHILD rapist

  9. Update: This parasite has been suspended pending investigation though what exactly they are investigating when the evidence is there in video form is anybodys guess lol.

  10. Once a person has lost his soul forever, they become a psychopath. In place of the soul is EGO. They become totally controlled by Lucifer and their concept of “evolution” from then on is actually in truth: DEVOLUTION. They can never have their soul back, they will continue to see evil as good and good as evil, they are backwards and will continue to devolve into the image and likeness of theeir owner, Luicer, (the destroyer) devolve into demonic entities and will spend eternity in Hell. There are many psychopaths on earth. Some are born psychopaths and are here to serve satan and help Lucifer take more souls from people who do have souls, by getting them to believe their lies, to “convert them” as this man is doing to satanism=the religion that destroys your soul forever and takes you to Hell forever. People who have SOULS, know what evolution is. It is becoming more in the image and likeness of God the creator. To evolve into more angelic beings who are not consumed with and obessed with sex as a sport, or for ego gratification=like this demonic psychopath, who do not need to control and abuse other people and call it “good”. Those who get to heaven, belong in heaven, they make heaven heavenly. This psychopath is straight out of HELL, and he can and will go there. He just wants to make life Hell for Children and everyone by his perverted and antichrist opinions. If anyone has sex with a child they will lose their soul forever, that is why it is one of the most common satanic rituals. All satanic rituals lead to the loss of your soul.

    • I like your definition of evolution, it makes alot of sense. I agree with the rest of what you say and I would guess that being raped as a child might cause that child to lose their soul eventually due to possible suicide, also depession thus turning to alcohol, drugs etc. but also pedophiles are created by being raped as a child – unless they are born really evil psychopaths. It is the taking of innocence that IMO creates a high for the pedo.

  11. so this guy wants to make it legal or to be fair, say it should be legal to coax a little girl to have sex by offering her a strawberry icecream cone. It that what I am hearing?

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