Migrants Are Displacing Americans From US Homeless Shelters

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migrants in homeless shelters

Tens of thousands of economic migrants that have been invited to the US by President Biden are displacing Americans from homeless shelters just before Christmas, according to a Wall Street Journal report.

On December 15, the newspaper reported from El Paso, Texas, where the many job-seeking migrants are being released by Alejandro Mayorkas’s easy migration policies

Breitbart reports: The numbers are so high that many migrants cannot find seats in departing buses and aircraft:

John Martin, deputy director at El Paso’s Opportunity Center for the Homeless … said the Opportunity Center’s five shelters traditionally focus on the city’s local homeless population but since August have routinely housed migrants released in the city. On Wednesday, the group’s Welcome Center housed about 129 people, nearly all of whom were migrants.

“Our ideal capacity is 85,” Mr. Martin said of the Welcome Center. The nearby men’s shelter housed nearly 200 men Wednesday, about 60% of whom are migrants, in a space meant to comfortably house 100 to 120 people, he said.

Meanwhile, with shelters full, some migrants have spent the night sleeping outside as overnight temperatures have been at or below freezing this week. Migrants crowded outside bus stations Wednesday wrapped themselves in blankets provided by the Red Cross and other charities. Hundreds of others have taken to spending the night at the airport while waiting for morning flights.

Most of the migrants are single men, who are eager to take low-wage jobs, share crowded apartments, and compliantly accept abuse from employers. They migrate because U.S. jobs — many of which arebpaid in tax-free cash — pay far more money than they could earn at home and allow them to quickly pay smuggling debts and send money back to their families.

The El Paso migrants are being sent to other cities by the government-backed network of migration-support groups. The TexasStandard.org reported on December 17:

Ruben Garcia, the executive director of Annunciation House, a network of temporary shelters in El Paso for migrants and refugees, told the Texas Standard that his group sent a bus of refugees to a faith community in Kansas City, Mo., on Monday and that he had spoken with some of the people who had crossed.

“I asked them, what were the numbers like? And, you know, I heard words like ‘indescribable,’ the lines longer than you could even see,” Garcia said. “So we’re just seeing many, many refugees that are crossing the border at this particular time. And of course, it’s creating a tremendous challenge.”

The Associated Press reported on December 15:

Mario D’Agostino, a deputy city manager [in El Paso] …. outlined a new strategy that might ferry migrants to large, nearby transportation hubs, such as Dallas, Denver and Phoenix. He said federal immigration authorities are preparing to possibly process and directly release migrants at a bridge that connects Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, and El Paso.

“Two days after the city of Denver opened an emergency shelter to accommodate more than 100 migrants who arrived in the city from the country’s southern border, another 20 arrived on Thursday, city officials said,” according to a December 8 report in Denver Post.

Landlords have responded to the Biden inflow by evicting many single-income American families to make room for larger groups of bunk-sharing migrants that can pay higher rents from multiple jobs. This resulting rise in rents provides an easy guide to the growing cost of migration that is being imposed on Americans, just as rising gas prices tend to display the impact of inflation on Americans.

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    • Look Josey Constitiuonal loving Americans aren’t living in homeless shelters People displaced by, to be honest, the riches generated by drug trafficking as a normal job, have created are. That’s how they’ve driven up rents forcing the old and those with sickness or the ones that they, using their control over communities run through the police stations, have decided are to be as if untouchables have been victimised exactly like Jews, u see the Catholic nazis were
      It’s all exactly the same but done secretly this time around.You won’t find many Catholics in the homeless shelters except for the new wave from the South And if you want evidence of the nature of Catholic government and its, long term resulting societies you need look no further than the South Americas. There the picture of their charity See why Francis says they’re actually Satanists?

    • White people are being displaced . . . it is the great replacement . . . in the rent-control idiocy, 20 million illegals… supply . . . demand . . . Rental owners are bottom feeders . . . The usurious loan sharks in the mortgage industry have ruined the American dream, both them and the Chamber of Communists benefit from limiting supply, and lobbying for cheap foreign labor . . . And don’t forget Big Agriculture extorting local governments for subsidies to house their foreign workers. They even want them voting in our elections. I can’t see defending an already communist system, we don’t have free enterprise as long as we have 20 million people who don’t belong here in the first place like the millions who don’t belong in college with student loans . . .

      Usurious interest rates on the loans are part of the problem, in addition the six figure pensions that support openly communist Jew professors in retirement are very pricey. Some of the same troubles with the rent control issue are present with the student loan issue as well… It is much more useful to have a populist wedge to drive people apart for votes than it is to actually fix something, it might also affect donors or “stakeholders.”

      People sometimes ask why it is that the European Left gets on so well with Muslims. Why does a movement that has often been overtly anti-religious take the side of a fierce religiosity that seems opposed to almost everything the Left has ever claimed to represent? Part of the explanation is that both Islam and Marxism have a common ideological root: Judaism. We are all “nazis” now. See how that works? Heil Hitler.

  1. Exactly serving the Catholic South Americans by taking all their excess off their hands and dumping them into american taxpayers laps.
    Intent to drag America down into the gutters too. Increase the numbers of poor that the rich, and you know what Church they will be, can then exploit as tenants and unskilled workers serving as cooks and maids gardeners pool boys thugs prostitutes thieves etc etc etc.

  2. ” They migrate because U.S. jobs — many of which are paid in tax-free cash — pay far more money than they could earn at home and allow them to quickly pay smuggling debts and send money back to their families. ”

    The Western Politicians created this system, now YOU pay for it .
    The situation is the SAME in Western Europe :
    If the Miggies manage to reach here they earn 50-70 TIMES MORE for doing the SAME job than at home .

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  4. Migrants are criminal the moment they cross the border illegally. There are procedures of legal immigration. They should be deported immediately.

  5. ” Migrants Are Displacing Americans From US Homeless Shelters”
    Uh huh whom OWNS UNKLE. SCHLOMO INC.?
    SEVERAL “private” Jewish families.
    Maybe THAT’S why.

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