Parents In Vermont Turning To Religion To Avoid Vaccinations

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Parents in  Vermont may be forced to find religion if they want to exempt their children from having vaccinations.

People who used to use the philosophical exemption are now planning to use the religious one, mainly due to it’s simplicity.

In Vermont, at the moment, religious statements or evidence are not required, all that is needed is to check a box.

According to the Burlington free press:

“The vast majority who used the philosophical exemption are planning to or are being forced to use the religious exemption,” said Jennifer Stella, president of the Vermont Coalition for Vaccine Choice.

 Vermont, which historically has had one of the country’s lowest rates of students fully compliant with the recommended vaccination schedule, is the first state to preserve the religious exemption while doing away with the philosophical one, according to research complied by the National Conference of State Legislatures and the National Vaccine Information Center. Earlier this summer, California joined West Virginia and Mississippi as the only states without any personal belief exemption.

Some might see this as an opportunity for religious groups to revive followers, reports the edgy truth.

They say: But on some level, we all have to wonder if / when Vermont will instead begin taking hardline stances even on religion, seeing Vermont is commonly one of the lowest states in terms of children following vaccination schedules. With less and less safe harbor for parents who want a choice, the landscape of culture is changing vastly. Vermont is known as a state with lower religious turnout, however, that’s certainly looking to change now. The philosophical exemption will be gone on July 1. The Health Department plans to soon release data on how many parents shift from philosophical exemptions to religious exemptions, which translates into them monitoring the situation. No real good can come from that. There is even talk of having nurses on the front line go before a judge to invalidate sincerity of switching.

While such a scenario might sound unlikely, it really isn’t at all. If the state feels they aren’t gaining ground on mass vaccinations, expect some type of change to take place at the legislation level.

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